Less-Than-Graceful Moments!

Less Than Graceful Monday

 Happy Monday! I shared this little shot of me and Millie on Instagram over the weekend, and, if ya look closely, you can see her jabbing her tongue straaaaight into my eye. Not the most enjoyable puppy kiss, but a puppy kiss nevertheless, so I’ll take it.

Here are a few less-than-graceful moments from yours truly! 🙂

  1. I have a massive purple bruise on my upper thigh from repeatedly running into our living room’s coffee table. I’m not sure if the embarrassing part of this confession is the fact that I can’t seem to avoid running into our coffee table, which is blatantly placed in the middle of the room, or the fact that our coffee table comes up to my upper thigh. Hashtag short girl problems.
  2. Discovered a little too late in the day that I had dried toothpaste lining the sides of my mouth. That’s always a reassuring feeling. Thanks for letting me know, Society.
  3. Darrin and I had pizza for dinner every night over the weekend. Our arteries were screaming “No! More! Grease!”, but our hearts were shouting “Eat! Another! Piece!” {in other news, I’m a regular Mother Goose}.
  4. Tried parallel parking downtown the other day…until I spotted somebody sitting in their car, probably watching me park miserably and giving me the “you’re the worst at parking” stink-eye just minding their own business. So I most definitely parked somewhere else. I mean, the pressure is REAL, my friends.
  5. That moment you think you’ve won the heart of your uncle’s beautiful husky with your baby voice, gentle pats on her head, and scratches behind her ears… only to discover that this beautiful husky is only visiting you in your lawn chair because she wants to hump your leg. You’re such a sweet giiirrrl….WAIT A SECOND.

Darrin and I have a busy week ahead. Darrin is playing with big machines and lasers at work; I’ll be reading and writing a combined total of one bajillion pages. Wish us luck. Praise the good Lord for chocolate covered espresso beans, am I right or am. I. right?!

{I know I’m right.}

Have a great Monday!

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