Less-Than-Graceful Moments!

Sometimes Gracefully Monday

This little Monday post is being written while Darrin plays a Batman video game and I eat an almost obnoxiously large amount of Cool Ranch Doritos. We’re decompressing. In our little home, the best remedy for a busy weekend is a night of doing absolutely nothing… except for eating an entire bag of Doritos while watching Netflix or playing a mindless video game. Some couples are great at working out together…others have a knack for cooking amazing meals together…Darebear and I are pros at doing absolutely nothing and loving it together. Which, I might add, is a necessary talent to have when you’re trying to wind down from a busy weekend.

But let’s talk about some less-than-graceful moments from the past week, shall we?

  1. Darrin and I drove to a pizza/board game party last week, We had never visited this friend before, and our memory of his address was less than clear, so we thought that we’d pull into the supposedly “correct” driveway and, while quietly sitting in the car, double check the address to make sure that we were at the right house. No need to disturb the homeowners if we were at the wrong address, right? Right. Brilliant plan. A brilliant plan that works a whole lot better if you don’t accidentally set off the loud panic button while sitting in your car. Now, not only do the strange homeowners know that you’re parked in their driveway, trying to figure out if you’ve got the right address, but so does the entire neighborhoodYou could say that we’re pretty “smooth” when it comes to parties….
  2. Question: What’s more embarrassing than setting off your car’s panic alarm while you try to determine if the driveway in which you’re currently parked is attached to the right house you’re trying to find? Answer: Walking up to the front door of that house and realizing you’re at the wrong place. And you’ve already made a somewhat obnoxious {and loud} scene by setting off your car’s alarm. AND you’ve woken the strange homeowner {based on his demeanor} up from his nap. “Sorry, we’re at the wrong house. Oh, and sorry about the alarm. And sorry to disturb you….we’ll just go now….”
  3. I met a little Maltese/Shih Tzu mix with the cutest eyes and the sweetest smile. Too bad all he wanted to do was hump my right arm. Seriously. Apparently my right arm is a bit more attractive than my left…
  4. I left the keys to my apartment complex and my glasses at my parent’s house over the weekend, which means that I currently can’t leave my home and I’m blind as a bat. And after tonight, I’ll probably be out of Doritos. Praise the Lord for Jimmy John’s delivery. Let’s just hope I can see where I sign on the receipt.
  5. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon roasting in the hot and humid sun at a Minnesota Twins baseball game {pictures to come!}. We had an awesome time watching the game, but I came home with a wicked sunburn on only my thighs. Not my arms. Not my calves. Not even my face. Nope. Just a deep, deep red that extended only from the bottom of my shorts to the top of my knees. Isolated sun burns are the new black, right?

How was your weekend? This week, Darrin and I are looking forward to a few date nights and family dinners that we’ve got planned. Tuesday night is also “Movie in the Park” night, so I’m hoping that this little Minnesota heat wave passes so we can just watch Beetlejuice in peace. I have a feeling that Beetlejuice gets weirder and weirder the hotter and more humid the weather becomes…if that’s even possible.

We’ll see what else the week brings! Hope you have a great Monday!

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