Less-Than-Graceful Moments!

Sometimes Gracefully Monday

Hey there Monday!

You might have noticed that Sometimes Gracefully received a little “face lift” over the weekend! There are some new colorful buttons, updated beauty and fashion products you can browse, and Sometimes Gracefully finally has a Facebook Page! So, if you feel the spirit of social networking movin’ in your heart, head on over and “like” the Facebook page for updates! High five? High five.

Our weekend here was stormy and raining and flash flood-y, which goll darn ruined our plans to spend time at the lake and work on our summer sunburns. The city of Minneapolis issued an emergency flash flood warning yesterday around 3am, so my iPhone promptly and loudly alerted us to this emergency by ringing and buzzing like a fire alarm. I jolted out of bed, registered “fire” in my mind, and tried to remember everything my 5th grade D.A.R.E. officer taught my class about fire safety {don’t touch the door handles if they’re hot!} before I realized that it was only my phone alarm. I was both impressed by my iPhone’s technology and wanted to throw the loud, black rectangle against the wall. Darrin only desired the latter.

Let’s discuss a few more embarrassing, “less-than-graceful” stories from the past week, shall we? I’m sure we all could use a little Monday pick-me-up!

  1. Spilling maple syrup on yourself while you’re out for breakfast with the family is usually pretty embarrassing. But when your waiter spills maple syrup on your shirt and then offers to wipe it off your shirt himself, using his wet and dirty table rag, the situation escalates to being both embarrassing and awkward. And when you then let out a forced laugh that was louder than you expected and tell your waiter that you’re “OK” with having syrup on your shirt {really?!}, then the situation becomes doubly embarrassing and awkward and is most certainly your cue to leave. 
  2. Before my humid walk around the Mississippi early Saturday morning, I stopped at the corner coffee shop for an iced, sugary, espresso-ish, coffee drink that all the tweens tend to order. I then started on my path through the city and found myself walking the same trail a whole lot of joggers were running for heart disease awareness. I definitely felt like I was “in the way,” as jogger after jogger appeared next to me, sweating and panting and racing towards the finish line while I casually sipped my mixture of ice, sugar, and cream. I really tried to avoid crossing their finish line, but that’s where my path lead! I had no choice! I just kept my head down and unsuccessfully tried to hide my frappuccino….
  3. Earlier in the week, I had my “domestic wife” game face on and was all ready to cook some unique, healthy, homemade meals for the week. I had saved the Pinterest recipes, made my grocery list, and designated which dinner would be served on what weekday. I was so close to cooking some unique meals, but then I reached the grocery store…heard the whining kids in each aisle…found the place to be too crowded…and left with a lot of frozen pizzas and microwave dinners. Grocery Store 1; Domestic Grace 0.
  4. Public restrooms practically guarantee an awkward or embarrassing encounter for everybody. Can we just say “Amen” and leave it at that? Or do I need to discuss the strange conversations I had with children who kept finding ways to open or crawl under my stall door? Such a pleasant place to get to know the nation’s future generations…

There ya go! A few embarrassing stories and moments from my past week! I hope you have a productive Monday, and may your bathroom stall doors always have a working lock!

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  • Reply Katie June 7, 2014 at 12:35 am

    Hahaha these all cracked me up….especially #4! 🙂

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