My Less-Than-Graceful Moments

Sometimes Gracefully MondayHappy New Years week! Darrin and I have been feeling pretty exhausted lately, but I suppose running around Minnesota and Iowa visiting friends and family and farm animals will do that to ya. Tomorrow night we’ll be ringing in the New Year in our sweatpants and baggy t-shirts, because I’m just too tired to glam up and paint the town. I’d much rather eat an obnoxious amount of leftover holiday cookies, sip champagne, and watch the NYC ball drop while cuddled up on the couch. I’m all for ending 2013 on a cozy note! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here are a few of my less-than-graceful moments from this past week! Anyone else experience any awkward family parties or holiday situations?

  1. Have you ever been forced to try a certain kind of food in front of friends or family that youย knewย was not going to become your new favorite dish? In no way was oyster soup going to become my new favorite soup, but I tried it anyways because Darebear was giving me those puppy dog eyes {they’reย soย persuasive}. Unfortunately, the oysters were a bit “slipperier” than I imagined…and they slipped off my spoon, into my mouth, and then back out of my mouth and returned into my soup bowl. Talk about “double dipping”…or, in this case, “double sipping”?
  2. At one point during the Christmas festivities, I played thisย game. Willingly. And it was not my finest moment.
  3. Darrin and I received a new TV for Christmas, and we decided to put it in our bedroom. I knowย allย about the research that says couples shouldย notย have a television in the bedroom…but those researchers don’t live with me and Darrin, and they don’t understand how much we love sharing a bowl of popcorn and falling asleep to movies in bed. So they can take their research elsewhere. Weย loveย the television. However, I’ve consistently fallen asleep before 7:30pm for the past three nights due to this new TV and the coziness of our bed. Looks like Darebear and I will be starting our movies much later after dinner…just so I can operate on a normal sleep pattern and not that of a 4 year old…
  4. On our way to a friend’s wedding, Darrin and I took a wrong turn and luckily made it to the ceremonyย rightย when it started. Because of our slight tardiness, we had to scramble through the double doors used by the wedding party and walk down the aisle to find our seats. We essentially led the entire bridal party into the ceremony. My apologies to everyone who turned around in their seats to view the bridal party but were instead greeted by me and Darrin. Our bad.
  5. Thank you to everyone in my family who neglected to point out the large hunk of parsley stuck between my teeth. That sure looked marvelous in some of those family pictures…

How was your holiday? I’ve got pictures from our trip to Iowa, our Minnesota Christmas, and more that I’m excited to share with you this week! Hope you have a wonderful Monday! Thanks for stopping by! ๐Ÿ™‚