Less-Than-Graceful Moment! Things You Might Encounter At A Pro Football Training Camp

Sometimes Gracefully Monday Training Camp

Monday?! Already? Darrin and I had a jammed packed weekend filled with family parties and school research. We may have gotten less rather than more sleep over these past couple of days, but there was cake {even cheesecake} being served at a number of these events, so sacrifices just had to be made. Tonight, Darrin and I have a dinner party at the university to attend, so we’ll be dressing in our “fancy schmancy” clothes and acting like we don’t spend our free days watching Netflix and forgetting to shower. Should be fun! 🙂

Like the super attractive picture of us above? We drove down to the Minnesota Vikings’ football training camp last week and spent the day watching the team practice and discussing our hopes {such hopes!} for the upcoming season. We naturally encountered a whole lot of strange and unfortunate events while we were watching our team, so I thought that I’d give you a little “warning list” of the things that you might encounter if you choose to visit a pro football training camp. And yes, each warning is based on experience:

  1. You will get a sunburn. There’s just no getting around it. You’ll get a nasty burn on your thighs {if you’re wearing short shorts}, your knees, and that oh so attractive “that guy must have been wearing sunglasses” burn on your face. Darrin, who practically bathes in sunscreen due to his fair skin, left training camp with a bad burn on his neck and cheekbones. This is just one of the many “benefits” that accompanies bleacher seating…
  2. Speaking of the bleachers, you will almost trip either up or down the bleachers at least once during your time at training camp. Once you realize that you’re about to fall face first down {or up} a flight of bleacher steps, you’ll either grab the shoulder of the person in front you to steady your balance {scaring them half to death}, or you’ll quickly flex every muscle in your body and extend your arms out like some strange praying mantis in the hopes of regaining your balance by awkwardly freezing your movements. Thanks again, bleacher seating. We sure do appreciate your inconveniently spaced metal steps.
  3. Once you reach your bleacher seat, you will see the buttcracks of the men sitting in front of you. Some people just don’t know how to pull up their pants. Or, for some reason, just can’t feel the breeze on their bare skin. Whatever the case, know that there will be buttcracks. And the kids sitting behind you will giggle as you avoid all kinds of eye contact between you and “the crack.”
  4. While sitting on the bleachers, trying to enjoy watching the team practice, you will be seated somewhat uncomfortably close to the strangers around you. They’ll listen to your conversations, hear your discussions, and they will chime in with their opinions or answers whenever they feel “the spirit move.” No matter how annoying they might be.
  5. You will head to training camp excited about seeing some of your favorite athletes in person rather than on the television screen. You’ll expect to see them on the field and think “Hey! They’re just regular guys like me! Working hard and doing what they love!” But no. They’re not just “regular Joes”. They’re massive giants with biceps the size of your head. You’ll sit and stare at the players with your mouth wide open, suddenly feeling a strange desire to eat more protein and drink a just few more glasses of milk…

And there ya have it! A few warnings about life at training camp, from me to you. Anyone else excited about the start of football season? Darrin and I will be cheering on our beloved Minnesota Vikings this fall, as usual, and we’ll also be watching a bit more European “football,” now that we know from what channel the Premier League broadcasts! More pictures from our time at camp to come!

Hope you have a productive Monday!

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