LASERS, Everybody. And a Pretty Red Dress.

Sometimes Gracefully Ruche Dress 5 Sometimes Gracefully Ruche Dress 4 Sometimes Gracefully Ruche Dress 1 Sometimes Gracefully Ruche Dress 3 Sometimes Gracefully Ruche DressSometimes Gracefully Ruche Dress 6 Sometimes Gracefully Ruche Dress 7 Sometimes Gracefully Ruche Dress 2

Dress: Ruche; Boots: Francesca's; Cardigan: similar; Necklace: Forever 21
Dress: Ruche; Boots: similar; Cardigan: similar; Necklace: similar

Friday is finally here! And this week has been a big can-we-just-rewind-and-try-that-again kind of week. Ever have one of those? There was a lot to accomplish on the to-do list, but my body thought otherwise, so I spent most of the week popping Tums like candy and lying on my side with a stomach ache. Darrin came home from work the other day and said “Heeeey!”, and I greeted him with a “Blllaaarrrggg”….which, in stomach ache language, translates to “Welcome home honey! Could you pass me the box of saltine crackers that I’ve been consuming all day and hand me a Kleenex because rolling over feels like someone is crushing stones on my organs? Thanks.” There’s just nothing more romantic that sharing a sleeve of saltine crackers with your husband while he watches cartoons and you fall asleep. Hashtag marriage.

On a happier note, this fall dress from Ruche is one of my new favorites. The material is cozy, the shade of red goes perfectly with the season, and Darrin gave it two thumbs up {which is comforting for everyone}! Speaking of Darrin, apparently he got to play with this massive laser machine at work the other day? Lasering some tissue…doing experiments…wearing big goggles and lab coats…the usual, I guess. I contemplated asking him to bring the massive laser home and laser my stomach pain away…but then I had images of evil cartoon villains threatening cartoon heroes with laser beams and laser guns {yeswewatchtoomanycartoons}, so I thought maaaybe not.

On an even happier note {how can it get much better than pretty dresses and LASERS?!}, Darrin and I are currently planning a summer trip across the pond to Liverpool and London! I’ve got to present an academic paper over at the beautiful University of Liverpool, so, we thought, why not spend a few days over in London too? Which means: the budgeting process has begun {insert the budgeting-is-no-fun smiley face}! Operation Send Gracie and Darrin Over to England So Gracie Can See All of the Places She’s Been Reading About and Studying for Yeeeeeaaars is in motion. Bring on the spreadsheets and the let’s-just-eat-toast-for-dinner-tonight moments. Cheers!

I hope you have a rockin’ weekend! You can shop this pretty red dress below! And if you haven’t checked out my fun Q&A with Ruche yet, be sure to visit their site and read all about it!


  • Reply Katie Cummings October 3, 2014 at 8:46 am

    Love that dress, it will look wonderful in London!

  • Reply Amanda October 3, 2014 at 2:16 pm

    Oh wow this outfit is so freaking adorable! I love everything about it, especially those boots. And that trip to Liverpool and London sounds like so much fun! I bet your presentation will wonderfully!

  • Reply Stephanie October 4, 2014 at 5:32 am

    Love this outfit! Great combination for fall! 🙂

  • Reply thosevintagethoughts . October 6, 2014 at 2:20 pm

    I’m aways scared of wearing longer dresses with boots but this looks so gorgeous! You’ve left me thoroughly inspired 😀 Kath x

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