Just Like Every Other Orchard Except It’s Not

I was telling Darrin the other day how bummed I was that I wasn’t born during the fall because THE FALL, you guys. The colors and smells and chills and candles and bags upon bags of bite-sized chocolate bars, which everyone silently agrees are the most dangerous of all the candy bar sizes. My empty bag of bite-sized Kit Kats can serve as proof. I still haven’t thrown away the bag now full of wrappers because I’m in complete and absolute denial. There’s no way we consumed that entire bag in two days. TWO days!

Bite-sized candy bars strike again.

But back to fall. Because this little post is really my love letter to fall. And to apple orchards everywhere. We took our annual family trip to the apple orchard the other week, and we made gosh darn sure that we stocked our stomachs and our cupboards with all things apple by the time we left.

So here you go! A whole lot of photos from our time at an apple orchard that looks like any other apple orchard except for the fact that we call it our apple orchard. And we love it.

Apple Orchard Sometimes Gracefully-1 Apple Orchard Sometimes Gracefully-7 Apple Orchard Sometimes Gracefully-6 Apple Orchard Sometimes Gracefully-2 Apple Orchard Sometimes Gracefully-14 We checked, and apple pie without cinnamon ice cream is actually just super awkward. For all parties involved.

Apple Orchard Sometimes Gracefully-24 Apple Orchard Sometimes Gracefully-23 Apple Orchard Sometimes Gracefully-10Apple Orchard Sometimes Gracefully-25 Apple Orchard Sometimes Gracefully-29 Murse? Satchel? Or his wife’s handbag? YOU DECIDE.

Apple Orchard Sometimes Gracefully-15 Apple Orchard Sometimes Gracefully-20Apple Orchard Sometimes Gracefully-16Apple Orchard Sometimes Gracefully-26 Apple Orchard Sometimes Gracefully-32

Tough and slightly intimidating facial expressions are a must when your son-in-laws are both taller than six feet.

Apple Orchard Sometimes Gracefully-28 Apple Orchard Sometimes Gracefully-22 Apple Orchard Sometimes Gracefully-30

The pumpkin patch was pretty sad and picked through. But this little guy seemed sincere. I’m sure Linus would’ve been proud.

Apple Orchard Sometimes Gracefully-31 Apple Orchard Sometimes Gracefully-33 Apple Orchard Sometimes Gracefully-34

As you might have guessed, we take our apple goods seriously over here. Though the jury is still out on whether or not apple cider is best hot (my humble opinion) or cold (Darrin’s very passionate opinion). If this issue has also been weighing heavily on your heart, by all means. Let me know what ya think! 😉

Happy fall! It’s currently 10pm and I’m about to have myself a piece of apple pie. Because somebody’s got to eat it, right?

[The empty Kit Kat bag is starting to make some sense…]


  • Reply Brittany October 15, 2015 at 8:08 am

    Cold apple cider FTW. My husband and I also have an apple orchard tradition. Ever since we moved to Maine we go to the same orchard every year. This year will be our fourth!

    • Reply Grace October 19, 2015 at 8:51 am

      I love apple orchard traditions! I’ll bet the orchards in Maine are absolutely gorgeous. We’ve always wanted to take a trip out there!

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