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One of our favorite summer stops in Minneapolis is Izzy’s Ice Cream, where ordering one awesome ice cream flavor actually means ordering two awesome flavors because every Izzy’s ice cream cone comes with an “izzy” amount of more ice cream lopped on top. And while ice cream in the summertime is always a good idea, MORE ice cream in the summertime is really a lifestyle. And I’m all about that lifestyle.

[So is Baby B, if you were curious…]

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Because fruit has been a major pregnancy craving of mine, I decided to go with a sugar cone of strawberry cheesecake ice cream (whipped with big hunks of strawberries) topped with an “izzy” of strawberry ice cream, and the fruity berry goodness that hit my tongue was glorious folks. I could have sworn the heavens had opened and the sound of a harp was heard throughout the streets of Minneapolis.

But Izzy’s has such a rockin’ selection of ice cream flavors (Salted Caramel is my favorite, along with Irish Moxie and Butter Queen Coffee), and they update their menu daily via their Twitter feed and website so you can mentally prepare yourself before venturing into the ice cream promise land.

Be sure to stop by Izzy’s this summer if you find yourself near their St. Paul or Minneapolis locations! And do yourself a favor and order a chocolate-dipped malted waffle cone. You KNOW you want to. Just do it. Seriously.

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