It’s Coming…

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One of the trees outside our apartment window has begun to turnΒ from green to yellowish-green, and I’m counting this color change as an official sign that fall is coming. I nearly bought a bottle of pumpkin spice creamer from the grocery store to celebrate, but Darrin grimaced at the idea before deeming my “Fall Fever” a bit premature. We do still have a few hot August days ahead of us, after all.

But I went ahead and ordered a new pair of fall boots anyways, despite being apparently married to the Scrooge of the best of the four seasons. πŸ˜‰ These boots from Ruche are such a comfortable height and a greatΒ shade of tan. I was maybe a bit too excited when they came in the mail, and I decided to sport them through Gold Medal Park on what turned out to be one mucky and humid afternoon. But I’m prepared! Fall is coming! The tiny grouping of yellow on the treetop outside our little apartment tells me so!

**DISCLAIMER: While Darrin may have his Autumn Scrooge moments, he did protest and remind me after reading this post that fall is his favorite season. So. I guess his lack of desire for pumpkin spice flavoring and new cute boots for his wife will just remain one of life’s mysteries… πŸ˜‰ **

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    I love everything about this outfit!

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