Happy Halloween From Batgirl And a Dork

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So here’s the story behind this Batgirl costume, which makes me feel both empowered and incredibly dorky. I’m actually an adult; I promise:

No part of this costume was purchased. None of it. Well, hold on. For all of you who are like Darrin and just mentally raised their arm to object to that last sentence {“You had to have purchased that shirt at some point in your life! I mean duuuuh!”…knew that was coming}, let me clarify: No part of this costume was purchased in the last year. Darrin and I are apparently people who have capes and Batman masks just lying around. Whatever that means. Could you imagine that little fact appearing in some women’s magazine quiz?

“Is Your Marriage Normal?”

Question 1: Do you and your spouse find yourself collecting random comic book paraphernalia that is neither used nor discarded but is simply stored in a closet of your home?


Answer: Yes

So we’re weird. We’ve come to terms with that. Wallowed in it. Ate a pint of ice cream lamenting over our not-so-normal personalities and then decided to embrace our weirdness. That’s what Halloween is all about, right Charlie Brown? Embracing the weird? Or embracing an excuse to be weird? Or wearing a Batman mask in downtown Minneapolis? How philosophical for a Friday.

Darrin and I spent last year’s Halloween sharing rib tips at the local Famous Dave’s. “The Zombies,” a band that consisted of five men well over the age of fifty-five, were playing a whole lot of 70s cover songs on the Famous Dave’s stage while a small crowd of older-aged {and costumed} adults ate their BBQ meat and cornbread muffins. One old man was dressed as a grimy looking Santa Claus, which was somewhat disturbing. Darebear and I sure know a “hip” party when we see one.

This year, we’ll be grilling at my parents’ house and handing out candy to all of the cute cowboys and princesses and pirates of the neighborhood. And yes, you bet I’ll be wearing that Batman mask. I suppose I’ll still give candy to those kids that like to dress in those horrifying and gory costumes that really serve no productive or positive purpose for society…but I’m only giving them one piece of candy. And it ain’t going to be a Milky Way or a Reese’s, that’s for sure.

{Come on, kids. I prefer not to encounter my worst nightmare at my front door…let alone reward him with candy. Keep your Texas chainsaws to yourself.}

I hope you have a happy time halloweening and eating a whole lot of chocolate, suckers, and caramel apples. Because we all know that’s what really matters about this weird holiday.

 Happy Halloween!


  • Reply Sarah Heckle October 31, 2014 at 8:48 am

    Baby Christopher has a Batman costume he’ll be wearing tonight 🙂 Have fun passing out candy tonight! That’s what we’re doing as well … although it’s going to be cold and raining/sleeting/snowing (EW), so I’m not sure how many trick or treaters we’ll have!

  • Reply Christina Storm October 31, 2014 at 8:50 am

    I love your costume! Hope you have a great Halloween weekend!
    The Style Storm

    <3, Christina

  • Reply Megan October 31, 2014 at 9:19 am

    So cute! You look great and I hope you have a great day!

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