Halfway There

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Yesterday marked my official 20 week pregnancy milestone, which means that baby girl is about the size of a banana and sure doesn’t mind sleeping riiiiiight on momma’s bladder. To each her own, I guess. Whenever I feel her fluttering about, I’ll quickly place my hand on my stomach, hoping to feel her movements press against my palm. But of course, Baby B stops moving at that point. And probably gives me a little eye roll from inside the womb, as if to say, “I’ll move when I want, mom. Ya snooze, ya lose.”

(Apparently baby girl is already a little diva in my mind.)

But with this week marking 20 official weeks, I thought I’d briefly document a few things about this pregnancy before I forget them! So. Without further ado.

Craving: Watermelon. Cool Ranch Doritos. Jalapeno brats. And Buffalo wings. The heartburn is STRONG with this one.

Loving: The kisses baby girl receives from Dad before he heads to work. And the silly songs he serenades to her while he cooks us dinner. There are just so many wonderful things about that last sentence.

Hating: Iron supplements. Like processing cement through my intestines.

Booking: Tickets to see The Lion King at the Orpheum this August! I’m hoping the African Sahara setting of the musical will keep my mind off water…and having to use the bathroom five times before the end of the first act.

Hoping: My Mother’s Day tulips will last at least one more day. Or hour.

Feeling: Sleepy. Because why not add leg cramps to the adventure that is trying to sleep soundly when you’re pregnant?

Brainstorming: Baby necessities. Nursery necessities. Basically anything and everything you need to provide for a newborn baby. As Darrin likes to say, “It’s time we start a spreadsheet…”

Praying: For a healthy baby girl. A healthy delivery. And, let’s be honest, some cooler summer temperatures (I’m looking at YOU, August).

Weirdest Pregnancy Moment: Stopping mid-conversation with my sister in the middle of the Marshalls checkout line because I was convinced that I had just unknowingly wet my pants. Right next to the discounted lotions and tote bags. I mean, I’ve read about some weird pregnancy symptoms…but WHAT.

So. We’re halfway there, my friends. And we might as well finish that phrase in the footsteps of Bon Jovi because yes, we really are livin’ on a prayer. A whole lot of them during these remaining 20 weeks. Let’s do this, baby girl!

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