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Sometimes I feel like I know everything there is to know about our tiny pocket of Minneapolis. Friends will ask for restaurant recommendations or pretty bike trails or great spots to picnic, and I’ll think to myself (in a snobby accent) “Oh but of course! Why, let me tell you all there is to know about this part of town!”

But then there are these other afternoons. Afternoons where I’ll be driving or walking around our little slice of the city and stumble upon this huge mural painted in a parking lot. The artist, I’m sure, hoping to inspire drivers before they abandon their cars for the day.

“You are the artist. Life is your canvas.”

Thanks for the reminder, Minneapolis. And for this parking lot surprise.

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  • Reply Brittany July 30, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    I feel the same way too! Just yesterday I discovered a Jamaican restaurant!

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