Good Vibes Only

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The heat and humidity that Minneapolis gifted to us over the weekend was almost unbearable. Almost. Had it not been for this breezy ombre skirt. Minnesota may be known for her icy snowstorms and extremely low winter temperatures, but she can suuuure cook up a humid July afternoon. Thankfully, these hot and sweaty summer days are a bit easier to bear when you’ve got a lightweight summer skirt. And a husband who’s willing to bike through the humidity to bring you home Chipotle for dinner.

Breezy skirts. Air conditioning. Chipotle. And I hear it’s supposed to thunderstorm all day today.

Not a bad start to the week.

[And yes. I’m just choosing to ignore that postcard from the DMV reminding me to renew my driver’s license. Not now, DMV. I won’t let you ruin this good Tuesday vibe I’ve got going.]

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