Good Intentions

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The hubs and I made a little pact right before we decided to use our online coupon for half off a large specialty pizza from Papa John’s that we were maybe going to try jogging together this autumn. Jogging is more “fun” (I use that word with great hesitation…) when the weather is crisp and the sun is casting rich reds and oranges over the Mississippi river. So we made our pact. Shook on it. Even high-fived and exclaimed a brief “Let’s just do this!” that I like to think would have made the marketers at Nike proud.

But then Darrin threw out his back while sleeping the other night. And now the poor guy can hardly stand up straight without grunting in pain.

Of course, he corrected me the other night and said that he technically didn’t “throw out” his back because to “throw out your back” implies that you were doing some sort of intensive action that caused your back to spasm but he had been sleeping so…

I said “who cares?” and dared him to touch his toes, which put an end to our semantics argument.

So for now, until Darrin’s back is feeling better, I’ve settled for wearing cute tops that maybe imply that I’m a sporty individual. Like this one from Old Navy that I think kinda sorta maybe looks like a football jersey if you squint one eye. And it’s on sale for a whopping $7.


Happy Thursday, friends!

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  • Reply Kristin September 10, 2015 at 12:43 pm

    Oh no! Hope Darrin feels better!
    Also, your hair looks amazing! Love that ‘do

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