The Beauty of the Gift Card

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Welcome to the Minne-snow-ta Tundra! Homemade snow cones and ice cubes for everyone! All completely organic {if you’ve hopped on that bandwagon}! This cold and snowy weather will be blanketing our nation’s little Land of 10,000 Lakes right on into April {I’m calling it}, so come on over to the Midwest for some real sledding and ice fishing and shoveling and snowman building. I’ll even throw in a hot casserole for dinner because we suuuurre do take our hot casseroles seriously over here, don’tcha know.

I’m kidding. Sort of. I’ve never actually cooked a hot casserole. And my crystal ball of recently fallen but now wet and slushy snow tells me that I most definitely won’t be cooking any kind of casserole in the near future, thanks to the handful of Chipotle gift cards Darrin has been recently accumulating. Aren’t restaurant gift cards just the best? When 4pm rolls around, and my mind starts trying to formulate a fantastic dinner from a bag of frozen broccoli and a sleeve of Oreos because we forgot to hit the grocery store last Saturday, the gift card shouts from the kitchen table, midst the mental chaos, Grace! Stop! I got you, girl. 

One of the Chipotle cashiers almost has our order memorized. He’s got a bald head and pierced ears and somewhat of a “tude,” but he’s nice and makes Darrin pay while I fill up our sodas. We have a “system,” you might say. A system that will most likely disintegrate after two more days of Chipotle dinners. *Sigh*  Then it’s back to Rice-A-Roni and I’m-too-tired-let’s-just-eat-Doritos.

I promise we eat real food. Sometimes. When we have time to grocery shop. Which reminds me…Darrin did buy all of the ingredients to make his brilliant chili for a second time, knowing full well my seemingly uncontrollable love for that recipe. Maybe we’ll have ourselves a little Snow-vember miracle after all! 😉

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{Also, why is this post displaying two different fonts? Geez louise even WordPress is feeling like a Wednesday…}

Gracie B. Over and Out!


  • Reply Carly Van Loe November 12, 2014 at 9:26 pm

    I’m so jealous you got snow! All we got from the storm was freezing wind and a layer of frost. Enjoy those organic snowcones for the rest of us.

    The Doctor Diva

  • Reply Angie Wilson November 14, 2014 at 5:15 pm

    cute hair!

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