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We sure had one exciting mail day yesterday. Three large packages. All of which I successfully managed to carry up four flights of stairs without tripping or dropping a single cardboard box, I might add. Darrin has recently taken it upon himself to “properly” set up my office space, which means ordering some much need office supplies. Darrin’s “office” consists of a desk on one side of the room that faces a massive white board hanging on the wall–one that is usually decorated with strange scientific markings that, if you tilt your head and squint your left eye long enough, can sometimes transform into surprisingly interesting “connect the dots” puzzles.

My “office” on the other side of the room consists of a tiny desk that we found at Ikea years ago, a desk that has really been serving as larger shelf upon which I can store my ever-growing collection of books and notebooks and junk that I keep finding at the bottom of my purse.

Until now.

 Darrin decided that I needed an office space intervention. He ordered a second computer monitor, a laptop docking station, a new mouse, a wireless keyboard, a sound system…and when I told him that I didn’t really need a fancy setup, he told me with a serious face, “Gracie. Your desk is going to look like the Batcave. And it’s going to be awesome.”

So greetings from the Batcave, friends. We’re still waiting on a few items, but I’ve got a hunch that this new office setup will serve me well. And the good people of Gotham…err…Minneapolis. Maybe I’ll buy myself a cape. Just because.

Or I’ll just stick to wearing these lightweight pleated skirts and breezy blouses. From watching way too many Disney movies over the years, I know one thing to be true:

“No capes.”

  • Top: Nordstrom Rack (old; but loving this keyhole top and this one with the flutter sleeves)
  • Skirt: J. Crew (sold out! but here’s one similar on sale!)
  • Loafers: Nordstrom Rack (old; similar)


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    Great outfit and smile. Thanks for sharing.

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