Four Happy Years

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Ten years of my life have been spent loving this handsome man. And now four (FOUR?!) of those ten years have been spent married to him. We’ll be celebrating the day in Seattle, most likely spending the entire afternoon along the marina and reminiscing about when we honeymooned here the same week four years ago. And now to be here again! With baby girl on her way! Even powerful words like “thankful” and “blessed” seem inadequate to describe how wonderfully crazy the past four years have been.

So happy 4th anniversary, Darrin! I’ve got this feeling that life with you when I’m 85 will be just as full as my life with you now at 25. A reality that I think should be celebrated with some ice cream.

P.S. I also shared pictures from our wedding day in this post, when we were celebrating our two year anniversary! Can’t believe how quickly time flies!

You can follow our Seattle adventures over on Snapchat (username SGdaily)! And on the SG Instagram! I’ll try not to overdo it, but I make no promises. I’m a sucker for a beautiful harbor, a pretty latte, and a husband who imitates my pregnancy walk pretty darn well.

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