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Darrin rediscovered our little suitcase record player the other evening that had been gathering dust behind our television cabinet. We pulled it out, set it up on the coffee table, and played one song  before deciding that we needed to hook this thing up to our sound system. After fiddling with the cords, and a brief moment of fearing that we somehow managed to short circuit the player, we had songs from The Lumineers and Mumford and Sons swirling throughout the apartment.

Of course, because the cords we have to connect our player to our speakers are too short, we had to drag our coffee table from the middle of the room to our speaker system that’s pushed against the wall. Which, Darrin decided, created a nice open space in our living room for dancing. “Dancing with my girls,” he likes to say after giving me a forehead kiss.  A baby GIRL! I still can’t believe it. Thanks so much for the sweet messages of excitement that we received yesterday and on Mother’s Day. I’ve got polka dot baby dresses and colorful baby bows on my mind. Darrin and I talk daily about the kind of person she might grow up to be. What she’ll be doing, what will be her favorite things, what will make her laugh or cry. We, of course, have our “new parent” moments where we’ll imagine her as the next star of the U.S. national soccer team all the while working as a successful biomedical engineer who also serves as a concert pianist in her spare time (HA! poor girl). But obviously our dreams of raising the next child prodigy will pale in comparison to the reality of finally meeting her. Holding her. And helping her discover who she is. Darrin just can’t wait to have her little personality dancing in the living room with us. And I can’t wait for her to back me up and tell him that his “creative” dance moves are really just plain weird. 😉

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  • Reply Martha May 10, 2016 at 7:25 pm

    Gracie!! Reading these posts makes me so happy! I cannot wait to see you as a mother. Your little girl is going to be so sweet and special, just like the both of you! She is already SO cared for & loved beyond belief. Can’t wait to see your bump in person!! <3

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