Floral Maxi and Nesting Mode

Asos Maxi Maternity Dress SG-5 Asos Maxi Maternity Dress SG-3

The beginning of July also means the start of “packing season” for our little family. Darrin and I will be moving out of our Minneapolis apartment at the end of this month (eeep!), and the amount of packing and donating and tossing and labeling and organizing and not-hyperventilating-with-anxiety-ing that’s been going on around here has really been messing with my third trimester “nesting mode” feelings.

The front door to our apartment hardly swings open because of all the bins of books and clothes and kitchenware I have stacked against the wall. And let me tell you, maneuvering around that area with a third trimester baby bump is not an easy task. This tummy doesn’t “suck in,” if you catch my drift.

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Luckily, Darrin and I are taking a break from the summertime moving madness and spending the rest of this week in Seattle. We leave tomorrow (eeep again!) and are so looking forward to spending our 4th wedding anniversary and 1st babymoon in a city and area that we love. I’ll be bringing this dress along because 1.) it accommodates the bump ever so nicely, and 2.) it sort of “goes with” Seattle, right? Ocean blues and pretty Pike’s Place florals? Makes complete sense to me.

If you have any Seattle recommendations for us, comment below or shoot me an email! I’d love to hear them. We have a few things planned, but we made sure to keep our schedules pretty open!

Also, be sure to follow all of our Seattle adventures on Snapchat (username: SGdaily)!


  • Reply Jamie Simons July 5, 2016 at 8:52 am

    I need that dress in my life! Have a fun & safe trip to Seattle!

  • Reply Lisa July 5, 2016 at 12:23 pm

    I’m actually taking a “break” from packing boxes and suitcases to move later this month. Packing is the worst. Good luck with your move and enjoy your vacation!

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