Floral Dream Team

SG Old Navy Lilacs-5 SG Old Navy Lilacs-1 SG Old Navy Lilacs-7

Now, I know that I may be resting a bit on my laurels, but ever since I was able to save my bouquet of farmer’s market peonies from dying overnight (hint: water them), I’ve been imagining what my floral bouquet “dream team” would be. Because these hands of mine are magical, my friends. With the turn of my kitchen sink faucet, these hands have brought wilted and nearly dead peonies back to life.

So. Without further ado, I think my Floral Dream Team (capitalized, because apparently I’m turning this exercise into a title) would consist of the following:

  • Peonies
  • Baby’s Breath
  • Tulips
  • Lilacs
  • Succulents

I’m no flower expert, but I’m assuming that flower experts everywhere just rolled their eyes at my arrangement above. “You just listed your favorite flowers without considering if they’d even work together!” they’d say. And I’d shrug my shoulders and response with a poignant but polite “Duh.”

SG Old Navy Lilacs-4 SG Old Navy Lilacs-6 SG Old Navy Lilacs-2

Darrin and I walked past this pretty bunch of lilacs while grocery shopping, and if the sweet lilac smell didn’t convince me to buy them, the little voice in my head stroking my ego and reminding me of my ability to save those darned farmer’s market peonies sure did. Plus, they matched my Sunday morning dress so. It was a done deal.

So what’s your Floral Dream Team?? I want to know! Maybe I’ll add a few more flowers to my roster! 😉

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**P.S. Darrin and I are currently adventuring up in Northern Minnesota this week. If you’re not already, follow along via Instagram HERE!**

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