Five Random Things Without Transitions In Between.

Sometimes Gracefully Sweater-4 Sometimes Gracefully Sweater-2 Sometimes Gracefully Sweater-3Sometimes Gracefully Sweater-5Sometimes Gracefully Sweater-1Sometimes Gracefully Sweater-6

Despite the sudden and sad lack of leaves on the trees, November has brought with her longer and bulkier and dare I say cozier sweaters. Which, it turns out, makes it really easy to forego the whole “pants” trend and opt for a pair of warm leggings instead. We’re off to a pretty comfy start, November. *fist bump*

Attempted to give Darrin his first haircut in over a month yesterday. I had every intention of following the fancy YouTube video we had playing as closely as possible until my hand slipped and poor Darrin had to end the night with just a plain ol’ buzz cut. I was hoping to unleash my artistic hair-cutting capabilities, hoping to give the husband the BEST haircut he’s EVER received! In my mind, there was definitely an audience that would have cheered, whooped, and applauded as I laid down the scissors and spun Darrin around in his chair while a spotlight illuminated his fancy new “do”…..Guess I should first figure out how to keep the dumb buzzer steady.  #ididn’tcutoffDarrin’searssolet’scallthisoneaWIN

Dinner tonight is frozen pizza on paper plates while watching old episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and pretending like we don’t have massive amounts of reading and research looming over us for at least an hour. You bet I’ve been counting down to 6pm all. flipping. day. And little messages from the husband throughout the morning that read “PIZZA! PIZZA!” sure enhanced my anticipation.

Did I tell you that I had to walk into Target with a tampon in my nose the other day because of the random nose bleed I was oh so very blessed with on our way into the store? Apparently I have everything random item in my purse except a container of Kleenex. And yes. We most certainly DID leave with a box of travel-sized tissues in our cart, thank you very much.

 It’s supposed to snow on Friday. SNOW. Which makes it okay to start thinking about Jingle Bells, right? You know, deck the halls, Santa Claus, and ho-ho-ho, and mistletoe, and presents to pretty girls?? If I was actually a cartoon elementary schooler, I’m convinced that me and Lucy Van Pelt would have been best friends. Girl power, people.

Cheers to your Monday!

  • Sweater: GAP (old; similar)
  • Tee: Target (from one of those Mens T-shirt packs)
  • Boots: Pink & Pepper (so similar)
  • Bag: Van Huesen



  • Reply Kait November 10, 2015 at 11:01 pm

    Absolutely LOVE this cardigan

    We have been experiencing a pretty mild fall so far… and apparently we’re supposed to have a mild winter. I’m really hoping it stays this way! I’ve been able to wear my light-jacket still! Usually we have had snow by now.

    xo, Kait.

  • Reply Larissa November 11, 2015 at 2:29 am

    I love your writing skills! Pleeeease blog more often 🙂 I enjoy your little random/emberassing/happy everyday stories. It sounds often a lot like me 🙂

    Have a nice day <3

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