On Your First Father’s Day

SG Father's Day

The January night I told you we were expecting actually began that January afternoon, and after a long morning of convincing myself that I should just run to the store and take the darned test, I ran back to the store and brought home 3 more tests just to make sure that the first one, with those two thin lines that I determined looked semi-faded enough to be unconvincing, was confidently announcing the presence of our little third musketeer. I had to wait all afternoon for you to finally bike home from work in the snow, and before you had your winter coat hung up in the closet, I held all five of my positive pregnancy tests up to your face and said, “I think we’re having a baby.”

With a catch in your breath, you raised your eyebrows, gave me a slight laugh, and then asked with hope and a grin, “You think so?”

I frantically held out my handful of tests again as plastic proof of some kind and suggested that we run to Target to buy maybe just one more box to make SURE sure because my gosh this is a baby we’re talking here and the more plastic tests the merrier, right? But you took a seat at the end of our bed and smiled at me as I stood in front of you, fidgeting with the already too many tests in my hands. And that’s when those happy tears that we both so clearly remember started to flow as we tried to wrap our minds around something I’m sure we’ll never quite fully grasp.

The first best thing about having a baby is (perhaps obviously) that little baby herself.

The second best thing? Watching this man of mine become a dad. And discovering another layer of love that I somehow always knew he had but was just waiting for the presence of his baby girl.

So happy Father’s Day to this guy. Who I’m hoping passes down this intensive reading posture (eyebrows furrowed..elbows up…twisting his hair) to sweet Baby B. He may not be able to hold his baby girl this holiday, but he sure does all that he can to take care of her daily. You’re all kinds of awesome, for which I’m forever thankful.

Hope you have a happy Father’s Day weekend from our family to yours!


  • Reply Jamie Simons June 17, 2016 at 8:30 am

    This is so sweet! This is my husbands first Father’s Day as a daddy-to-be as well and it’s amazing how much I have loved watching him grow from being a husband into a dad these last several months. He already loves our little one so much and I can’t wait to see how amazing he is going to be when he or she arrives!

    Happy Father’s Day to Darrin!

    • Reply Grace Beekman June 18, 2016 at 3:56 pm

      Happy Father’s Day to your husband! It’s such a sweet time, and I feel like its such a privilege to be able to watch that happen! Hope he (and you!) enjoy your weekend!

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