Feeling Ambitious (Thanks Tolkien)

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Now that the sun has started to grace Minneapolis with her presence, she’s been annoyingly exposing the thick layers of dust that I’ve purposefully neglected to clean throughout our apartment. A decision that was often accompanied by a “who cares if you can’t see the dust anyways?” shoulder shrug. But now that we’ve got our windows open and the spring sunshine beaming into our living room, that dust could no longer be ignored, so Darrin and I had ourselves a super romantic morning the other day deep-cleaning our entire apartment while listening to Lord of the Rings on tape-book. There’s nothing quite like scrubbing the grime off your oven to the tune of Aragorn and Legolas dismembering an Orc.

Darrin and I must have been feeling extra ambitious after defeating the Mordor of filth that covered our apartment because we also finalized our plans for a brief “babymoon” this summer! One last hurrah as a tiny family of two before we need to start worrying about where to pack the box of diapers and how many baby onesies is too many baby onesies to bring on a vacation. I originally thought that we should head to some beachside resort, but poor Darrin is just a walking recessive gene with his red hair and pale skin and green eyes; the question wasn’t “if” he’d get a bad sunburn, but “when” and “to what degree.” So we decided to head back to our honeymoon destination: Seattle. Where we’ll head to a Sounders game, hike through the San Juan Islands, and relax along the pier. No doubt I thought about visiting someplace new, but I liked the idea of visiting someplace familiar if only to acknowledge how blessed we’ve been and how far we’ve come.

So we’re off to Seattle in July! Like I mentioned, we’ve already been there, but if you have any food, hiking, or fun recommendations for our trip, please shoot me an email or comment below! The more options, the merrier!

  • Dress: Roxy via Marshalls (love this polka dot pattern for the summer!)
  • Flats: Nordstrom Rack (old; similar here and here)
  • Handbag: c/o Coach

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    I love, love, LOVE Tolkien. He is my favorite. 🙂

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