A February Park Day

Minnesota did the unthinkable this past weekend and gave us a sixty degree February day. One with sunshine and green grass and light jackets that we decided were optional. Life with an infant during these cold winter months may sound cozy, but being stuck inside for too long can make even the best of us go crazy. Especially when your baby’s favorite toy plays one tune. Over. And over. And over. My hatred for Old McDonald and his overpopulated farm knows no bounds.

So after Olivia’s nap, we thought that it was about time she explored the outdoors, and my goodness did she enjoy her freedom. We unbuckled her from her car seat and she (with Dad’s help) high-stepped it to the swings. We like to tell her that she can do anything if she puts her mind to it, but when you’re almost 5 months old and are still working on strengthening those back muscles, accepting some literal support from a few zip-up sweatshirts stuffed into the swing is nothing to be embarrassed about.

She squealed with every push and drooled all over the front of her coat.

Olivia hasn’t had too many encounters with grass, thanks to her October birth date. Darrin held her as she reached and stretched and tried with all her might to pick up leaves and feel the grass against her fingers. It’s hard to believe that all she’s really known is snow.

Taking Olivia to the very park where I grew up playing and swinging and sliding was something special, and the way she dirtied her little white boots has me convinced that her toddler years are going to be incredibly exhausting. But we love this girl, her gummy bear smile, and the way she finds every inch of this world exciting.

I think we’ve got a few more months of cold and snow before spring actually arrives, but I’m happy spending time with my little sunshine. No matter the weather.

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