Even More Change

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You’d think that being pregnant and preparing for our little third musketeer would be enough changes for the Beekman family this year, but noooo my friends. Over the holiday weekend, Darrin and I decided to stir a few more changes into the eventful casserole that is becoming our life.

(Sort of a strange metaphor. But let’s just shrug our shoulders and go with it.)

We notified our apartment complex the other day that we won’t be renewing our year long lease come August. My heart is going to miss these sweet city views, but our apartment space is just too small for Baby B and all that she demands. So we’re moving out! Leaving our tiny downtown home for a place with family until Darrin finishes his graduate work and we can afford to buy a house of our own. Baby B is already dictating the direction of our lives with just the click of our computer mouse, and I think I’ll forever associate the little email tune that signaled our message had “Sent” with change, the unknown, and new beginnings.

And sure. That may all sound a bit dramatic. But I’m pregnant. Sentimental. And it’s dang hot outside. WHO KNOWS what my hormonally charged emotions will feel next.

We’ve got a few more months before we’ll be forced to pack up our life into cardboard boxes and leave, so Darrin suggested we create a summer bucket list of all of the places we’d like to visit while they’re still within walking distance from our home. All I can say is this: Watch out, Minneapolis. This new momma is about to paint the town with her pregnant waddle.

Let’s do this, Summer 2016!

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