Encountering the Crazy and the Awesome of Pregnancy All in One Day

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Darrin and I decided to wake up early the other week before our first baby class and treat ourselves to a big breakfast. When you decide to sign up for a class that crams everything there is to know about a baby delivery into one long, 9am to 5pm day on one of your preciously free Saturdays, buttermilk pancakes and an everything omelet paired with a side of hashbrowns can really boost your spirits and motivate you for the day.

At least that was what we were telling ourselves. A part of me (the pregnant part) also really wanted some pancakes.

Our first baby class! Which had mentally reminded us that this baby girl IS actually coming and by gosh we might as well try to learn as much as we can before we discover that we really don’t know anything at all.

So we went out for breakfast. And as we got up to leave our table and head to our class across the street, my hand brushed against my bump and discovered a number of prominent syrup streams that apparently had been trickling and rolling down my shirt all throughout breakfast without my knowledge. Food stains, you know, are sort of hard to miss when your shirt is stretched tightly over your basketball of a stomach.

And right before our first baby class too! Where I’d lumber into the room in all my food-stained glory, plop myself into a chair with my legs spread to accommodate my basketball, and look like I’m really off to a great start on this whole “motherhood” thing. So in an effort to put my cleanest bump forward, we googled the nearest Target and I bought a new maternity shirt that I wore as we walked into class (making a good first impression with a group of people you’ll probably never see again is just SO important, ya know? (#iknow #givemealltheeyerolls)

We took our seats in the back corner of the room and spent the next couple hours trying to absorb everything we were told about delivery options and labor positions and breathing exercises and back massage techniques (my favorite) and the like, when we were finally shown a delivery video that tracked four different deliveries of these pregnant moms and their babies. And usually I’m not a fan of those delivery videos (who really is, anyways?), but goll darn it I couldn’t help but tear up as I saw each mom hold her brand new baby with such overwhelming joy. I made eye contact with Darrin sitting next to me and I saw that he TOO had tears welling in his eyes and we both just stared at each other smiling as the documentary continued to play, thinking simultaneously, Holy smokes I can’t believe that’s going to be us?! and Praise the good Lord us blubbering idiots chose a seat in the back of the room.

Going from unknowingly waddling around with syrup dripping down my shirt to being reminded of the overwhelming joy it is to be able to carry this baby girl sure encapsulates the entire spectrum of pregnancy moments and emotions, if you ask me. We’ll see what the next baby class will bring…I hear it’s a lactation class, so you can bet Darrin is feeling all kinds of eagerness to attend. 😉

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