Edible Finger Paint for Your Infant

 There’s something so awesome about finger painting—about feeling and touching color with your hands—that I wish it was considered just as much for “adults” as it is for kids. I grew up playing with paint and color. My sisters and I would spend summer afternoons painting with my grandparents on their porch, discovering different types of paint, what happens when the colors mixed, and imagining ourselves as little watercolor artists like our grandpa.

So yesterday we introduced Olivia to painting and to color. We taped a sheet of paper to her tabletop chair and she spilled and spread and speckled the page (and herself) with as much paint as she could grab, sometimes batting the bowl out of my hand and dumping orange or purple all over the table. But would art be art if it wasn’t messy? It’s like she already knows these things, in her infinite baby wisdom.

She must have been going through a “purple period” with that glob of purple in the shot above–a period that I’m sure many art historians will analyze when they study her work in the future.

This edible finger paint was so easy to mix together. Here’s what may be the easiest edible finger paint recipe ever:

  • A few tablespoons of baby rice cereal (we used Gerber)
  • A few tablespoons of water (or infant liquid formula)
  • A few drops of food coloring
  • Mix it all together and you’ve got yourself an entertaining afternoon

Not too bad, right? Easy to make and easy to clean up. Her finished piece found its way to the fridge, and it may just find its way into a frame. She sure enjoyed herself. But who wouldn’t enjoy a morning spent naked and painting with colors you can eat? She’s an inspiration to us all.

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