Easter Tradition: Easter Seeds and Painted Pots

The decision to paint Easter pots and plant Easter seeds as a new tradition for our family did not necessarily grow (pun intended) out of my deep love for gardening. I know incredibly little about gardening, and most of the knowledge I do have comes from a sprout I grew in the sixth grade. But Easter, if you take a quick break from the bunnies and egg hunts, is about hope—new life—and what better way to celebrate that new life than by planting some new life of your own? So! We told the negative voices in our heads to pipe down, and we tried something new this year.

We flexed our creative muscles and chose to decorate the white pots we found at a local hardware store. I picked up these awesome paint markers at Target (shop them HERE) and held different colors in Olivia’s hand as she moved her arm up and down. Once she was done (and by “done” I mean “started trying to eat the  marker so we had to stop”), she seemed quite proud of her work. In a nonchalant, “I’m basically baby Picasso” kind of way.

Like I mentioned before, we’re not gardeners, so we might have picked flowers that will actually hate their life in their little painted pots and refuse to grow. I imagine our little seeds crossing their arms and sticking out their tongues at our naive attempt to make our thumbs a little greener…but who knows? Maybe they’ll find our new tradition endearing. Either way, they’re stuck in their little pots, and we’re going to water and care for them, whether they like it or not.

Side note: when Olivia was still just a little seed herself, growing in my belly, we called her “Sweet Pea” before we had a name picked out. So obviously we had to plant sweet peas in her pot.

I’m so excited to watch these little seeds (hopefully) grow throughout the spring. We purposefully chose to plant Easter seeds rather than fully bloomed flowers in the hopes of reminding ourselves that living this Easter story requires growth on a daily basis. There’s work to do, but there’s also hope for what’s to come.

So come on little seeds! You can do it! 🙂

Hope you had a beautiful Easter weekend!

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