Date Night With the Gophers

Hey guys! Let’s check out these grainy iPhone pictures because Gracie forgot to pack her camera! All right? All! Right!


Darrin and I had ourselves a bit of a date night last week and my oh my was that bit of a date needed for this girl. Stuck in a tiny study room, pouring over books and Word documents and computer screens, can really make ya feel like a 21st century caveman, so I needed OUT, my friends. OUT. Darrin had inherited a sweet pair of tickets to a U of MN men’s basketball game, so we donned our maroon and gold and undergraduate attitudes for a little date night at the arena. Of course, we arrived WAY too early to be considered “cool” by any college student’s standards. The cool crowd trickled in at least 3 minutes into the first quarter. Or half. But we had to find our seats! Had to beat the crowds! Needed time to read our game program! To reminisce about allll those times I traveled to watch Darrin play high school basketball hoping with my dorky and optimistic teenage heart that he’d notice me in the stands {Hashtag I-Was-Kind-Of-A-Creeper-But-It’s-Cool-Because-We’re-Married-Now-So-No-Worries…}! So we arrived super early. Me. Darrin. And everybody else over the age of 55. See the two, hat-donning photo bombers of the photo below:

IMG_9161 IMG_9151 IMG_9176

The place we were hoping to have dinner before the game was packed, so we decided to snag some food at the arena while we waited for the game to start. I’m not entirely sure why the U of MN basketball arena has a gyro stand, but we jumped on the opportunity to awkwardly consume a gyro in our somewhat cramped seats. You know how it goes. Your gyro wrapper sits in your lap while you sit hunched over, twisting your head so you can fit the gyro in your mouth without dropping food or gyro sauce all over your favorite jeans from J. Crew. Of course, the worst is when you’re trying to consume your stadium/arena food and somebody suddenly has to squeeze past you to find their seats. Oh! Don’t mind me as I take this massive and messy bite out of my gyro right as you ask me to stand up so you can slink to your seat on the far end of the row. I’m sure I’m just looking my absolute best at this particular moment in time. What with all this sauce on my hands and face.

UGH. The struggle is real, folks.

And now, the selfie collage. Because we sure had some time to kill.

Gopher games IMG_9168

The husband and I had a rockin’ time watching the Golden Gophers win. We cheered, sang the fight song, conversed with the sweet old couple sitting next to us, and dreamed about a world where the soda sold at a sporting event doesn’t cost more than five dollars. Le sigh.

Hope you’re having a great Thursday!

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