Darrin vs. Superhero Squirrel

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Sweater: J. Crew Factory; Jeans: American Eagle; Boots: DSW {old; similar}
Sweater: J. Crew Factory; Jeans: American Eagle; Boots: DSW {old; similar}

High fives and fist bumps all around for Friday! And for these cozy sweaters from J. Crew. It’s pretty tough to beat a sweater that has soft long sleeves and giant pockets, you guys. I can stay warm and have an easy place to store my chocolate granola bar. Somebody nailed her undergraduate “creative design” course over at J. Crew headquarters.

Apparently Darrin met some squirrel with superpowers on his way home from work yesterday. While we were sitting on the couch, talking about the events of our day, Darrin interrupted the conversation with an exclamatory “OH my GOSH! I ran over a squirrel with my BIKE today!”, followed by a concerned this-was-the-craziest-thing-that’s-happened-to-me-all-week kind of face. Mr. Squirrel, who decided to dart out in front of Darrin’s bike at the worst possible moment {which is code for Darrin definitely ran over the little guy}, was apparently completely fine after his near-death experience. Just another Thursday, I guess. After being slightly crushed beneath Darrin’s bike tire, Darrin watched him leap into a nearby bush and continue to simply go about his business, as if all was still “right” in the animal kingdom. I think it’s safe to assume that the beady-eyed bandit was ok. Fingers crossed he looks both ways before crossing next time. You’d think that’d be “Squirrel 101” or something…

Before this post becomes completely senseless, let me wish you a relaxing weekend! You can shop this look below! 🙂


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    I just discovered your blog and I love it! You have awesome style! Nowo following you! 🙂

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    Such a cute combo

    love the elbow pads 🙂

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