Dancing Like Snoopy

Sometimes Gracefully Sometimes Gracefully

I grew up loving Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the whole Peanuts gang, so Darrin and I have been spending some time trying to determine what our “Peanuts character dance move” would be if we were magically transported into that auditorium dance sceneΒ from A Charlie Brown Christmas. You know the scene I mean, right? When each kid has their own little place on the stage and they perform the same goofy move over and over as Schroeder jams out on his toy piano? We’ve concluded that my move would most likely consist of me shrugging my shoulders and punching out my arms at the same time. Darrin would probably do something that resembled the Charleston Bees Knees…but he’s still working on perfecting his move. I mean, if we were actually transported into the movie, we’d have to be doing this same move over and over again. We better make it a good move, am I right?

Obviously the homework load is getting to us.

Sometimes Gracefully Sometimes Gracefully Sometimes Gracefully Sometimes Gracefully

Along with determining our Peanuts character dance moves, Darebear and I also decided that we wanted to plan our Valentine’s Day evening together. He’s thinking dinner. I’m thinking bowling. It’s been fun planning our date together. Don’t get me wrong, we plan a lot of dates together, but our previous Valentine’s Day dates tended to focus a bit more on me than they did on Darrin {not that I’m complaining about that arrangement…bring on the chocolates and the obnoxiously over-sized teddy bears πŸ˜‰ }. I like planning dates that I know we’ll both enjoy…and I like knowing that we’re both okay with abandoning the night’s plans if we decide that popcorn and a movie at home sounds muchΒ more appealing. Lazy Friday nights for the win.

On that note, what are your Valentine’s Day plans? Or maybe the more important question is what would your Peanuts character dance move be if you were transported into A Charlie Brown Christmas? Also, this baseball cap is my tribute to spring and baseball season. Come on, warm weather!

Have a marvelous day!



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  • Reply jennifer prod February 12, 2014 at 10:10 pm

    i can’t think of many things more happy than getting a signature peanut’s dance move- except perhaps spontaneously busting out with them at odd moments? also – ring shot on the bottom photo, and what a beauty– i love it!

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    You have such a beautiful engagement ring !

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