A Case for Kitchen Dance Parties

One of the best ways to show your true colors as a parent and experience the first signs of embarrassment within your child is to have a family dance party in the kitchen before bedtime. Her expressions just kill me in these photos. Darrin turned his iPod to shuffle and we bounced and swayed and grooved like the unabashed dancers that we’ve always been, listening to songs that took our minds right back to our high school days together, our college days together, and the many others after and in between.

Time becomes a mysterious and funny thing when you have a baby. The past and the future become something like two different marinades competing for attention in the crockpot of your day. At one hour you’re eager for the future, to see her reach every milestone and become her own person and hope that her hair starts growing a bit faster, poor girl. And the next hour you find yourself aching for the past, wishing that those tiny baby feet would somehow stay tiny and forever fit into those baby jammies.

Babies make time so much more potent. And remind us not to forget the importance of finding joy in the present. Of sometimes ignoring the laundry piled on your bedroom floor or those emails in your inbox that seemed to be piled just as high because how fast it goes by, they say, which makes these kitchen dance parties suddenly seem imperative. Our own little celebration of what has been, what will be, and the chunky baby in our arms who is.

Plus, I think we’ve firmly established ourselves as “dorky” in Olivia’s mind, so at least we can check that off the parenting list.

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