Bigger and Brighter in Old Navy Maternity

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I tried combatting the rainy weather the other day by wearing this bright sundress from Old Navy (find it in non-maternity here). Because nothing stands out quite like a woman carrying a baby the size of a grapefruit while wearing a dress the color of a tangerine. I’d like to add on the phrase “Go big or go home,” but you can really only go big in pregnancy. Might as well go BRIGHT and big and turn yourself into a walking “I am pregnant, hear me groan with lower back pain” billboard.

Yes, friends. The lower back pain that tears through the back of your spine after just a few minutes of walking down the block has begun. And, as you can imagine, it’s just oh so heavenly.


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Nevertheless, Darrin and I will be doing lots of walking and exploring this summer. We’ve got at least four major trips planned, two of which are coming up fast at the end of June, and you can bet that I’ll be packing a handful of summer maternity dresses from Old Navy in my suitcase. Like this one in pale peach (here in non-maternity) and this simple sundress (here in non-maternity).

The other night we met my sisters downtown for late-night drinks and burgers, and despite my grapefruit sized baby and extremely pregnant physique (that’s the fancy way of saying “massive stomach that’s only going to get bigger”), waiters and waitresses will still offer me a beer menu. And sure, I suppose they’re simply doing their job, but I’ve sort of taken each instance as a mini “well, you sure don’t look pregnant!” compliment.

We go through the same old “I’ll be having a non-alcoholic lemonade” song and dance routine every time, but their fake yet polite “Oh! You’re pregnant!” responses are enough to warm my heart (and maybe even my aching lower back). We’ll see if any of this continues into next week when baby is officially the size of a flipping cantaloupe.

A grapefruit…a cantaloupe…no wonder pregnant women tend to crave fruit. Let’s do this, baby!

I’ve linked to this maternity dress but also to a few other Old Navy sundresses (both maternity and non-maternity) below! They’re nearly all on sale, and most of them are under $20, so be sure to check them out for all your summer activities!

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