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Summer Lip Sheers with BeautycounterBeautycounter Lip Sheers-9

Let’s talk summer lipsticks. Safe, healthy, kiss-your-baby’s-face-a-million-times-without-transferring-any-unknown-chemicals-onto-their-sweet-skin kind of lipsticks that are changing the beauty industry. I’ve talked before about why I love Beautycounter’s mission and, particularly, their facial cleansers, but the company also has a line of colorful lip sheers (which really shine like a lipstick) that are created from safe, plant-based ingredients and are scented with hints of real vanilla (rather than anything synthetic). You can wear them alone or top them off with Beautycounter’s Lip Shine for a non-sticky (seriously) gloss.

I’ve put together a short list of my favorite Beautycounter summer lip sheers below!

Beautycounter Lip Sheers-1

Beautycounter Lip Sheer in Petal: This shade is among Beautycounter’s most popular shades. A soft, subtle pink that adds just a hint of color is perfect for any occasion.

Beautycounter Lip Sheers-2

Beautycounter Lip Sheer in Rose: I think this shade is my favorite of the Beautycounter shades. Especially when I start thinking about transitioning into the fall season. The Rose hue is a little darker than Petal but not too over the top. Just right for a day-into-evening look!

Beautycounter Lip Sheers-3

Beautycounter Lip Sheer in Coral: Coral can be such a fun hue in the summertime. Especially if you’re looking for a sweet pop of color to add to your farmers market or weekend brunch look.

Beautycounter Lip Sheers-5

Beautycounter Lip Sheer in Scarlet: There’s really no explanation needed for this shade. Every girl needs a bold red lipstick. Why not have one that won’t coat your lips with chemicals?

Beautycounter Lip Sheers-8

Beautycounter Lip Sheer in Currant: I love this shade for the upcoming fall season. The color has hints of reds and plums that come together to make for a pretty date night hue.

I used Beautycounter’s Lip Gloss in Ruby to add some gloss to the Scarlet Lip Sheer. But their Lip Gloss in Opal would be perfect for a more natural look!

FYI, Beautycounter is currently having a 2 for 1 sale on select products now through July 29th! So be sure to browse their site and enter promo code “2FOR1” at checkout!


**Thanks to Beautycounter for partnering with me for this post. As always, the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.**

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