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In a few short months I’ll be holding and caring for a tiny baby girl who will be completely dependent on me 24/7, and as crazy awesome as that is going to be, the reality of her presence has really encouraged me to consider how my simple, daily routines—like washing my face or putting on makeup—might have an impact on her growth and development. Obviously being pregnant forces you to consider what you consume and how you care for your body, but when Baby B arrives, I also want to be mindful of the products I put on my face, my hands, my skin.

If you haven’t heard of Beautycounter, they’re a beauty company working to create safe face and skin products for everyone. Cosmetic companies have been known to include extremely harmful chemicals in the products that we put on our bodies (and our babies) every day. Day after day. And my goodness, thinking about transferring harsh chemicals to my newborn baby girl’s face just because I wanted to give her a lipstick kiss seriously frustrates me.

Beautycounter has essentially set a new health and safety standard for skincare by banning more than 1,500 questionable or harmful ingredients from their products. Completely. No 1% or this or 5% of that. They’re continually researching and screening every ingredient for safety, looking for information like cancer, toxicity, hormone disruption, and infertility.

And this crap is found in a number of popular cosmetic lines, friends. No thank you.

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So the past few weeks I’ve tried a number of Beautycounter’s cleansing products (featured above). What’s so awesome about their website (where you can order all of these products and a whole lot more) is that they not only list every ingredient found in their product but also explain why they needed to bring a clean facial cleanser or moisturizer to the market.

Here are the products that I love:

  1. Routine Clean Cream Cleanser: This cleanser is so lightweight and, thanks to the organic coconut oil, smells like a tropical paradise with each use. And speaking of using it, a tiny amount goes a long way with this product. Another awesome benefit.
  2. Nourishing Cream Exfoliator: I have oily skin, especially in the summertime, so this exfoliator is a must for me. The gentle beads that scrub away the dirt and grime are biodegradable and natural, which I’m sure the oceans appreciate.
  3. Nourishing Day and Night Cream: You’d think that I’d shy away from face creams with my skin type, but these two creams are not at all greasy and are loaded with antioxidants. Again, only a little amount goes a long way.
  4. Anytime Eye Cream: I’ve never been interested in eye creams until I started using this product. It not only nourishes the sensitive areas beneath my eyes but also makes my skin feel brighter and awake after a long night of pregnancy insomnia.

To be completely honest, I’ve rolled my eyes a number of times at people in the past who have made a fuss over “natural” and “organically made” products. And yes. Here’s a confession: generations of people have had babies and have survived without using these safe Beautycounter products.

But now they are available. And organizations like Beautycounter are taking steps to ensure that we’re not harming our bodies (and our babies’ bodies) on a daily basis. So I truly do encourage you to check them out if you’re interested. Nothing quite like supporting a sweet company who is being proactive in making the cosmetic world a much safer place.

**This post was sponsored by Beautycounter. As always, the thoughts and opinions presented in this post are my own.**

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