Babymoon to Seattle: Wandering Through the City

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Our one “scheduled activity” during our time in Seattle was usually a meal reservation at some point during the day, which gave us a lot of free time to wander to some of our favorite spots (Pike’s Market, the Aquarium, the Space Needle…). Of course, wandering from one spot to the next really looked a bit more like wandering from one city bench to the next. But with nothing pressing on the vacation to-do list, Darrin and I found plenty of moments to relax and enjoy the Puget Sound views.

(Warning: There’s about a bajillion photos ahead because yes, I’m admittedly out of control with the camera. Scroll at your own risk.)

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Had my first crumpet experience at The Crumpet Shop and my gosh. The english griddle cake topped with hazelnut chocolate melted in my mouth. Darrin was allowed one bite, and then I gave him my “are you suuuuuure you want me to share?” look. Which worked like a charm. 😉

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My favorite market purchase is always a pound of Washington Rainier cherries.

And yes. I did nearly eat the entire bowl in one sitting.

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One major highlight (and I mean major highlight) was spending our anniversary dinner at Ivar’s Acres of Clams. Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about this place. Not only were we treated to a window seat overlooking the Sound and the rain sprinkling outside, but the food (the wild king salmon! the bacon wrapped halibut! the the creme brûlée!) was an i-wish-it-would-never-end kind of amazing. The staff, the view, and our long conversations about what we’re most looking forward to when we meet Baby B made the night one of the best of the trip.

We’ll certainly be back.

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Just a handsome guy waiting for our Uber driver. And carrying that camera bag like he has to put up with loves his camera-crazy wife. 😉

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 On our last full day of vacation, we had brunch at the Sky City restaurant atop the Space Needle (all we do is eat on vacation, it seems). The views alone were beautiful, and this pregnant girl didn’t feel the least bit of nausea as the restaurant deck slowly rotated during our meal (#nailedit). We had dinner reservations here 4 years ago on our honeymoon, so it was fun to revisit the place for brunch. Especially because brunch is arguably the best meal of the day. And there’s just no saying “no” to a brunch that includes fresh salmon and a husband who was all to eager to order the smoked salmon huevos rancheros.

 We can’t wait to bring Baby B with us on our next trip to Seattle. Hopefully she’ll be able to keep up with our vacation eating habits, which seem to be just as out of control as my picture snapping. But Baby B is supposed to triple in size before we reach the end of this pregnancy, so. NO REGRATZ.

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