Visiting the San Juan Islands

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As much as Darrin and I loved spending time in the city of Seattle, I think the best part of our babymoon trip the other week was escaping the city for San Juan Island’s ocean views. We had ourselves an early morning driving nearly two hours to Anacortes so we could then hop on the ferry to San Juan. The morning began with cloud coverage, which made for a chilly (and windy) ferry ride to the island. But the rest of the day brought sunshine (along with the much needed salted caramel ice cream cone).

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Our babymoon itinerary only had “Visit the San Juan Islands” on our to-do list, so once we stepped off the ferry in Friday Harbor, we had nothing planned but to wander the small town streets, popping in on local businesses and coffee shops. We had lunch at the Cask & Schooner Public House, where Darrin took advantage of their amazing clam chowder and I ordered yet another (and mouthwatering) basket of fish and chips. We wandered through local art shops and bookstores, even buying Baby B a book that we both liked from the children’s bookstore. We decided that the entire day was going to be a relaxing one, whether that meant sitting on a bench for an hour or two overlooking the harbor or taking our time to see other parts of the island.

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We had more time on this trip to explore the entirety of the island, which gave us a sense of all that we wanted to do on our next trip to the pacific northwest. We took a shuttle bus over to Lime Kiln Point State Park, also known as “Whale Watch Park,” to see if we could spot a pod of whales traveling from Canada. We didn’t see any. But we did enjoy the view. And we did decide that we’d like to come back and go kayaking along the rocky shoreline. Darrin even suggested a future sail boating trip for one of our anniversaries, to which I whole heartedly agreed and then added the moment to my mental “And That’s Another Reason Why I Married You” list.

I think we loved our quiet day exploring San Juan because the island reminded us so much of our quiet trips to Northern Minnesota. We are already counting down the days that we can fly back and visit the other islands near San Juan. Maybe go camping and kayaking and fit in another whale watching tour. I’m so hoping that Baby B loves the water. Lake life. Ocean life. Cozy cabin life. I’ve got a feeling there’ll be plenty of those trips in her future. And why not? They’re the best.

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