Sunset in Olympic Sculpture Park

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When your husband casually asks you one morning if you’d like to take a “babymoon” vacation in July to the same special place you spent your honeymoon four years ago because he thought it would be a cool, sort of romantic, “full circle” kind of thing, you can only respond with a resounding “YES, PLEASE. YOU’RE BRILLAINT.” Because my goodness what a brilliant idea, right? To head back to the same place where you first celebrated the start of your married life so that you can now, years later, celebrate the start of your new and growing family life.

So that’s what we did! We spent the last week waddling wandering through a number of different spots around Seattle and Puget Sound, scheduling only one major activity per day so that we could 1) avoid the stress and exhaustion of having too much planned, and 2) take things at our own pace. Which, when you’re in your third trimester, is really only one pace: slow.

Babymoon- Seattle-3 Babymoon- Seattle-2 Babymoon- Seattle-1

 On our first day in the city, Seattle gave us a beautiful afternoon that ended with an incredible sunset. We had a quick lunch/Central Time dinner at The Bear and the Bee, a little sandwich shop nearby that was just as good as it was cute. Seriously. I ordered The Slow Prey (Darrin got the Southpaw), and I’m still dreaming about that tomato-caper pesto + avocado combination.

Babymoon- Seattle-4Babymoon- Seattle-8 Babymoon- Seattle-6 Babymoon- Seattle-5Babymoon- Seattle-15 Babymoon- Seattle-10 Babymoon- Seattle-9 Babymoon- Seattle-13 Babymoon- Seattle-14 Babymoon- Seattle-20 Babymoon- Seattle-16 Babymoon- Seattle-22 Babymoon- Seattle-23 Babymoon- Seattle-24

After the stress and anxiety that can often come with traveling (getting through the airport, getting to our gate, checking into our Airbnb…), spending the rest of the evening walking through the Olympic Sculpture Park while watching the sun set over Puget Sound was just what we needed. We sat along the water as the waves from the ferries crashed against the rocks at our feet. Most entertaining of all was perhaps the golden retriever who spent his golden hour jumping into Puget Sound to retrieve sticks his owner would toss.

Whenever we travel to the Seattle area, we’re always prepared for a week of rainy weather but are surprised with beautiful weather days. We were wearing our tired faces from the flight and the time change, but the sunset over the Sound was certainly a highlight of our trip. Can’t wait to share more!

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  • Reply Morgan A. July 13, 2016 at 12:10 pm

    AWWWWW! Such a sweet idea!! That is so “full circle.” I can only imagine how crazy it was to think on the last time you were there compared to this time. It’s funny, we go through life thinking like this is it. It’s hard to imagine that the days we’re living now won’t be the same a few years from now. Crazy! And PS: you look great!!!! 🙂

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