Baby Girl Clothes: My Kryptonite

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Darrin is probably going to read the title of this post and tell me that shopping, in general, tends to be our bank account’s my kryptonite, and I’ll most likely respond by shrugging my shoulders and saying something like, “Aren’t you happy you married me?” To which he’ll respond with a laugh and an eye roll.

[Baby girl just gave me a kick: “Get to the POINT, Mom..”]

SO. My sister and I ran a few errands at the mall the other day, and perhaps not so surprisingly, Baby B ended the day with more treats than I anticipated. And I KNOW! I know. I hear all of those protesting voices in my head saying, She doesn’t need those things! That’s what baby showers are for! She won’t wear those headbands! She’ll poop all over that dress! Let her aunts and grandmas buy that stuff!

I hear you. I know. But that “new mom” part of me just really doesn’t care.

I can’t pass up the cute prints! The tiny sizes! The ity-bity accessories that I’m sure will stay in place for a total of maybe 5 seconds before Baby B decides otherwise. I can’t help myself, and I promise I’ll hear her out if she wants to complain to me about it when she’s older. 😉

Baby B arrives in late September, just in time for her to experience her first Minnesota winter, so I browsed the fall and winter sale racks at our nearby Janie and Jack to see what I could find for the colder months. Everything I bought was on sale, which is somewhat of a bummer because that means that some pieces (like the sweater and the rosette headbands) are currently sold out online. However! I’ve linked to a number of different baby girl items that are on my shopping list, and if you’re in the market for some baby shower gifts or clothes for your own baby girl, check them out!

The cuteness is REAL, my friends. #giveintothetemptation #iknowiwillbe #allsummerloooong

Shop the floral onesie above HERE. You can browse all of Janie and Jack’s baby girl accessories HERE.

Baby Girl Finds (On major SALE!) from Nordstrom Rack:

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