An Iowa Christmas

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Christmas 2015 took place in Iowa this year, where the wind outside was sometimes unbearably frightful but who cares when your reading a new book on the living room couch, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket and sporting a pair of thick wool socks that would make even the sheep grunting in the barn out back envious. We spent our week wearing clothes that could double as pajamas and enjoying every second we spent with family we always wish we could see more often. Apparently Iowa had been dreaming of a beige and brown with small patches of green Christmas, so we were snow-less on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. But we didn’t mind. There was hot coffee (so much coffee!) and card games and good conversation. Our days always seem to progress at a different pace when we’re on the family farm. A slower, more thoughtful pace. One we sure don’t take for granted.

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We spent our first full day decorating the Christmas tree. Darrin was light-string master, while I did my best not to break any ornaments. No, my friends, the ornament breaking didn’t occur until I started decorating the dinner table. I am now literally (and perhaps figuratively) one silver bulb short of an entire six-bulb set. Sorry about that, G-ma.

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Small town grocery stores totally understand the necessity that IS chocolate. Chocolate with peanut butter. Chocolate pretzels. Almond chocolate clusters. Chocolate with coconut. Chocolate covered espresso beans. Chocolate pecans. Chocolates with caramel. FOREVER AND EVER AND SO SHALL IT ALWAYS BE AMEN.

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And a Merry Christmas to you too, ya filthy animals.

I mean, GEESH. Quit staring at me.

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We spent an afternoon channeling our inner architects for a gingerbread house contest. I think I may have a future career in gingerbread architecture. I like a job that allows me the option of eating my failures before I have to account for them.

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Up close and personal with the farm dogs.


These two were either wishing me a Merry Christmas or contemplating my demise. I’m thinking the latter is a bit more accurate.

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And that’s all, folks! Hope you had a happy Christmas! We’re back in the Minne Apple and about  to binge watch the entire Star Wars saga before we see the new movie on Thursday afternoon.

So. To infinity…and BEYOND!

[Wait. That can’t be right.]


  • Reply Meg Cain-Moss December 29, 2015 at 8:50 pm

    Looks like a fun break! I will also be needing the name of that grocery store please and thank you 🙂

  • Reply odessa December 31, 2015 at 4:59 pm

    Gorgeous photos 🙂 looks like you had a good time! Happy new year!

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