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Two rainy days and a lightning storm sure has turned what began as a normal, bitter November into a weird one. Just a few degrees colder and these wet days would have been snowy, and I would have had official permission from the weather to blast my holiday Pandora station while sipping a peppermint mocha and re-decking our apartment halls a week before Thanksgiving. But instead of snow, Minneapolis has rain. Which means that I’ll just have to close the blinds and conduct all of those holiday rituals in secret.

[OR WILL I?! she says with an evil laugh]

Darrin and I spent our weekend with dear friends in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Our first trip to the Cream City and our friends were sure to give us the “Milwaukee Experience” (great name for a TV show, FYI): beer, coffee, cheese curds, Lake Michigan, the market, hole-in-the-wall bars, beautiful fall weather, cheap pizza, the river walk…and who knew I could still stay up past 11pm? What a world!

But we arrived home from a colorful Milwaukee to a wet and brown and dreary Minneapolis. Minnesnowta’s magical snow better start falling soon, my friends, because the bare trees outside my apartment window are starting to look a bit awkward as they wait for the winter season. They shed their leaves a bit prematurely, if you ask me. But who can blame them? Last year around this time our windshield wipers were battling snowflakes rather than raindrops so. Come on winter. I’ve got my Pandora station all cued up. Let’s do this.

  • Sweater: Old from H&M (but they’ve got this updated version that looks WAY cozy)
  • Chambray shirt: Similar (and on sale!)
  • Jeans: Forever 21
  • Boots: Old from Maurices (SO similar)


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    This sweater is so chic!

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