All About the Rain

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The past few days here in Minneapolis have been chilly and rainy, but I can’t complain because 1) April showers > April snowfalls. always. and 2) Darrin and I take the rain pretty personally. Nearly all of our relationship’s “major moments” have been linked to the rain. Our first date in high school (nearly ten flipping years ago!) took place at a coffee shop down the road because Darrin’s baseball practice had been cancelled due to the rain. When Darrin proposed, he gave me two mason jars: one filled with dirt from every major place we had experienced together in our relationship, and the other filled with rain water to signify growth and new beginnings. It rained the night before our hot July wedding, giving us an outdoor wedding temperature that was both beautiful and bearable. We tripped out to Seattle for our honeymoon, the coffee shop and rainy day capital of the world, in honor of our first date. And wouldn’t you know, the night I found out we were pregnant it started to snow (which is really just frozen rain, so. totally counts). It rained the morning of our first major ultrasound, where we got to see this little baby do a complete barrel roll onscreen (already quite the performer…) and watch baby lift its little hand to its forehead.

So we’re all about the rain.

Well. And maternity jeans. I can only keep my jeans up using a hair tie for so long…

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  • Reply Kelsey April 1, 2016 at 9:47 am

    I’ve become all about the rain in recent years…after finally accepting I have no control over the weather and should just enjoy what mother nature gives us. Rainy days make me want to be back at home, all cozied up with a mug of tea, and letting the day comes as it may! So cool to look back for you on all of those major moments and see their connection to the rain we see outside!

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