A Weekend With Milwaukee

I spent almost all of yesterday metaphorically (and sure, sometimes literally) banging my head against my corner coffee shop table in frustration and (once 4pm rolled around) exhaustion while I was attempting to research, edit, revise, and finish a  textual history essay on literature of the nineteenth century. And while you all may find my scholarly pursuits just “oh so fascinating” (i get it. cue the eye rolls), I’ll perhaps just jump to the moral of this little paragraph to tell you that while I was literally and metaphorically banging my head I was also literally and metaphorically dreaming of the fun times we had over the weekend in Milwaukee. Where we sipped Wisconsin beer and ate Wisconsin cheese and told the research world we decided to neglect to pipe down and DEAL WITH IT.

So here are some photos from our trip! Notice the sunshine, my Minnesota friends? Yes. I, too, nearly forgot that the sun was still a “thing” in this world. Thanks a lot, November.

Sometimes Gracefully Milwaukee-1

Our dear friends Mark (peaking and pointing around Darrin in the photo above) and Allison gave us a grand tour of Milwaukee that has positively tainted our views of the Cream City. We spent a little time in nature, as the picture above proves. Then they took us here:

Sometimes Gracefully Milwaukee-2

Apparently it’s a maze? For children? OR (in my humble and often correct opinion 😉 ) some sort of ancient crop circle message made of stones that’s beckoning us to sacrifice a spotless creature to the universe or face a fate of fiery and earth-rumbling destruction.

[I mean, I can’t be the only one thinking that.]

Ancient sign of destruction or not, Darrin and Mark decided to do a few laps through the rows anyways. They weren’t struck down by a bolt of lightning, so maybe it IS just a maze…

Sometimes Gracefully Milwaukee-3 Sometimes Gracefully Milwaukee-5

Downtown Milwaukee is just full of charm. Those street lamps, am I right? They’re almost begging for someone like Gene Kelly to tap dance beneath them in the rain.

[If you have yet to watch the musical Singing in the Rain, exit out of this blog post IMMEDIATELY and cue up your Netflix. STAT. Then get back to me.]

Sometimes Gracefully Milwaukee-4 Sometimes Gracefully Milwaukee-7

The Wisconsin bar scene. IN ACTION.

Sometimes Gracefully Milwaukee-9 Sometimes Gracefully Milwaukee-8

You know you have life-long friends when they’ll WAIT for you to snap a picture before they drink their beer. I mean hearts for eyes.

Sometimes Gracefully Milwaukee-6

There’s visiting Milwaukee, and then there’s visiting Milwaukee while wearing PLAID. An entirely different experience.

Sometimes Gracefully Milwaukee-12 Sometimes Gracefully Milwaukee-11 Sometimes Gracefully Milwaukee-10

The market! Where your desire to stay and browse and eat everything battles with your desire to flee from the crowds and noise and the little children with cupcake frosting all over their hands. But the cheese curds, folks. I’d maneuver through an entire ball pit of children with frosting hands just to have one more bag of Wisconsin cheese curds.

[Strange analogy. But let’s just leave it and move on.]

Sometimes Gracefully Milwaukee-14 Sometimes Gracefully Milwaukee-13

I guess I sometimes look like a muppet.

Sometimes Gracefully Milwaukee-15 Sometimes Gracefully Milwaukee-17 Sometimes Gracefully Milwaukee-18Sometimes Gracefully Milwaukee-20Sometimes Gracefully Milwaukee-19

We ended the day with espresso, Lake Michigan, and a sunset that kept colorfully bragging about itself. What a weekend! Milwaukee, we’re all about your semi-hipster vibe and your old town charm. Oh and you’re home to two of our favorites. We’ll meet again, I’m sure of it.

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