A Sunset Picnic

We decided to take our dinner to the lake the other night to catch the sunset and enjoy some much needed fresh air. After a long winter, any temperature that rises above fifty degrees triggers an alarm in my brain that won’t shut off until I’ve ventured outside to enjoy that almost unrecognizable warmth. Sure, we kept Olivia bundled, but walking around the lake jacket-free was the freedom I had been hoping for. Olivia sat on Darrin’s lap for most of the evening, sucking down her bottle and staring sleepily out at the trees that seemed to glow. The sunset was beautiful, and I’ve got a feeling that the next bottle I fed her from our living room couch had a view of the television that, by comparison, was incredibly disappointing.

These two. Olivia, snuggled and bundled with her dad, lasted maybe ten minutes before her eyes started to droop. Watching your beautiful baby, who seems larger than life, encounter beautiful places in nature that also seem larger than life can really make you feel small and awestruck and grateful for the crazy but beautiful life you’ve been given.

We made sure to pack all of our picnic necessities. Nuts, popcorn, Perrier…and Rusty the Robot, who sure seemed to enjoy himself despite his inability to consume any of it.

I’ve got a feeling that we’ll back to this little patch of paradise a lot this summer. Olivia sure didn’t voice any complaints about the spot. And we all know how Rusty the Robot felt. So instead of “Goodbye” we left saying “See you next weekend,” and I might have whispered, “Maybe even for a date night…” but I can’t remember.

(hint hint Darebear)


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