A Quiet Morning In Grand Marais

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It’s no secret that Grand Marais, Minnesota is easily one of my favorite Minnesota travel destinations. Particularly in the summertime, when the lakeshore views and sunshine pair oh so well with an iced coffee from Java Moose or a cup of frozen custard from Sydney’s.

And I know. You’re probably tired of seeing photos of Grand Marais appear on this blog. But visiting Grand Marais, for us, is like visiting an old friend. One who, no matter how many months you’ve spent apart, is always eager to pick up right where you left off. Darrin and I drove from Lutsen to Grand Marais early one morning for a sunrise date along the lake. We bought a half dozen donuts from the World’s Best Donuts (they seriously do live up to their name), ordered two small coffees from Java Moose, and spent the early morning on a nearby park bench watching the seagulls dip and dive above the water.

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We’re trying to soak up as many quiet mornings as we can before Baby B arrives and with her all the beautiful chaos of early mornings with a newborn. Pregnancy is such a particular kind of waiting period. At one moment, you’re aching to have baby girl sitting on your lap with you, staring googly-eyed at the swooping seagulls and crashing waves. Moments later, you’re trying to absorb and memorize as many seconds of “just the two of you” as you can, knowing full well how different –wonderfully different– life will soon be.

These third trimester feels are coming on strong, my friends. And with them, the reality of how quickly this summer is flying by (oh hey there, July 1st).

Of course, nothing settles an anxious and excited heart like a bag of donuts and a lakeshore view. 😉

So thanks a million, Grand Marais.

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  • Reply Tamra July 1, 2016 at 2:58 pm

    This place is breathtaking! Sometimes A quite morning is exactly what we need!


    Tamara – LoveofMode.com

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