DIY All-Purpose Cleaner with Essential Oils

DIY All Purpose Cleaner Essential Oils

One day some scientist is going to discover the truth. That babies are messy not because they’re just babies, learning how to use their newly discovered arms and legs, but on purpose, because they like to watch us race around like panicked chickens as we try to quickly wipe off the dirt, the mushy food, the paint, the whatever they’ve got all over themselves and the surrounding furniture. Babies are messy. Which means that whatever gunk they coat all over themselves and the world around them needs to be cleaned. For me, that used to mean conveniently buying the most powerful cleaning agent from the store and effectively annihilating all bacteria (and the hairs in my nose) by spraying and spreading those powerful chemicals from one countertop to the next. My kitchen was clean!…

May 23, 2017