October 12, 2015


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Right after these pictures were taken, Darrin and I sat together on a nearby park bench that someone had positioned to face not the road but the myriad of fall leaves lining the Mississippi River. We told ourselves last week that we wanted to spend our Saturday morning hearing the sound of leaves crunching beneath our feet as we wandered through a wooded park, enjoying the fifty shades of autumn that canopied over our heads. So we did. We woke up early and headed straight for Mississippi River Boulevard, which has been looking especially golden and orange as of late.

We were feeling all the fall vibes and trying to channel both our inner forest ranger and our inner hippie (because if you’re going to hug a tree, you might as well know the kind of tree you’re hugging) when we both stood up from the bench and realized that we had been sitting in wet paint. Well. Not wet paint, my scientific husband has concluded, but a kind of paint that had been somehow affected by the morning dew, which had lifted the paint from the bench and onto the back of our jeans. Our favorite jeans. The jeans that we had such high hopes of lasting through the colder days of 2015 and beyond.

But just as I was about to suggest giving nature and the stupid bench the middle finger and heading back to our car, Darrin stood up from the bench, offered me his hand, and gave me a look that said, “Shall we?” as a group of joggers passed by on the path. All, I might add, sneaking not-so-secretive glances at our speckled rear ends (YEAH I SAW YOU, GIRL IN NEON).

“Let’s just embrace the paint, Gracie.” So we did. Wandered along the path for another half hour, treated ourselves to Chipotle on the way home, and even made a pit stop at the grocery store. And who knows? Maybe it was the hot salsa and chicken combination on my burrito bowl, or the fact that today marks the start of Darrin’s birthday week, but I was sure that my heart grew another size for this husband of mine willing to wander through Minneapolis with matching paint speckled down his backside.

So take THAT, morning dew. Or wet paint. Or whatever it was that made me stick to the bench and destroy my favorite black jeans. I’m choosing to turn this moment into a metaphor (because that’s what we literature scholars do). How about we all just try to embrace life’s unwanted paint, shall we? #EMBRACETHEPAINT. Because nothing motivates better than a catchy hashtag. 😉


October 7, 2015

Sister Date

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This past weekend was a jam-packed sister weekend and my gosh have I been feeling withdrawals ever since baby sister Sophie took the old family car back down to college. Sigh. These two are the sweet and gooey filling to the apple pie that is my life. And because I’m all about turning my abstract autumn metaphors into concrete realities, we spent our afternoon eating apple pie and sipping coffee and talking about those things on our hearts that we didn’t realize needed to be shared with each other until they just were. And it was all kinds of perfect and good for the soul.

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We left Yum! Kitchen and Bakery, a place that certainly lives up to its name, and walked along Lake Calhoun, crunching the leaves scattered on the path and enjoying the canopy of leaves glowing against the sunshine. And look! Fun and jacket-free, my friends. It’s like Minneapolis knew that the three Schmidt musketeers would be reunited for this one October weekend and planned to celebrate right along with us! She says. As every meteorologist in Minnesota rolls their eyes.

Perhaps that’s enough sappiness for one post, hmmm? 😉


October 5, 2015

This Just In

Sometimes Gracefully Threadsence-2-2Sometimes Gracefully Threadsence-3 Sometimes Gracefully Threadsence-1-2Sometimes Gracefully Threadsence-4 Sometimes Gracefully Threadsence-5

Oversized dresses like this one from Threadsence are not only perfect for fall layering (scarves over sweaters over dresses over leggings…) but also for concealing the obnoxious number of apple turnovers and pastries and pieces of pie (always pieces of pie…) that you’ve consumed throughout the day. Our afternoon at the Pine Tree Apple Orchard over the weekend was an incredible success. The kind of success you measure in number of apple flavored somethings consumed and purchased over the course of 2 hours.

And this just in! Research conducted at the Beekman Family Apartment has finally, after years of dedicated analysis, concluded that the more layers you wear, the more apple pastries your stomach can hold.

You can now breathe easier, my friends. Especially if you’re rocking an oversized fall dress.


October 1, 2015

Hello October

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October first is finally here and Minneapolis has decided to officially hop on the autumn bandwagon by dropping her temperatures scandalously low and letting her leaves slowly change from that summer green to a harvest yellow dipped in what reminds me caramel, thanks to that Milky Way I finished just before writing this post. Darrin and I have been doing a bit more walking in our spare time, what with the exciting prospect of crunching leaves beneath our feet. Walking to the coffee shop. The grocery store. We took a break from our work a few nights ago and walked down to the Mississippi River with the hopes of spotting the OHMYGOSHCANYOUBELIEVEITNATUREISSOCRAZYIMHARDLYBREATHING Blood Harvest Werewolf Eclipse Super Moon that I’m sure you’ve heard something about on some social media outlet. We brought the camera along, stood in the middle of the dirt path we had been following, and waited for a solid fifteen minutes in the dark before realizing that this whole autumn moon apocalypse was going to take a bit longer than we had anticipated (aka we should’ve packed our lawn chairs). So we snapped a blurry photo of a moon too far away and walked back home hand-in-hand, already talking about the time we almost watched the September super moon down by the Mississippi in our matching grey sweatpants and old sweatshirts we’ve had since high school.

Even those “almost stories” can make good memories.

So happy October 1 to you and yours! It’s officially Darrin’s birthday month, so we’re in full “planning mode” over here in my head. And baby sister is visiting home from college this weekend! Which means that we’ll be spending all of our weekend free time consuming apple donuts and pastries and pies at the apple orchard because what better way is there to do life in October anyways?

Have a great day!


  • Dress: Thrifted; similar
  • Sweatshirt: Free People (old; SO similar here…and I’m loving this one too)
  • Bag: Target
  • Boots: Ruche