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24th October 2014

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This week sure has been one of those “wait. what just happened.” kind of weeks, so I’m definitely ready for the weekend. Because the weather’s been so awesome {cue your “here she goes again about that darn Minneapolis weather blah blah blah” eye roll}, Darrin and I took a little walk to the grocery store for some much needed Diet Coke and energy drinks. We take our carbonated beverages that have no nutritional value for your body or your soul very. seriously. But anyways. We thought we’d get in a little exercise before we consumed our sugary poisons of choice, so we held hands and walked and talked and it was a brilliant idea, if I do say so myself {I do say so. Myself. What a weird phrase}. The sun was shining, the skyline was working that October sky, and there were so many cute puppies bouncing up and down the streets. I squeezed Darrin’s hand a little tighter and said, “See Darrin? WE could be walking our cute puppy RIGHT NOW!”

Darrin, straight-faced, responded with, “Sure would be the worst to take the dog down three flights of stairs so he could go to the bathroom…”

Hashtag what a dreamer.

In other news, you can follow what I like to call the “Blogstagram” right here! I hope you have a great weekend! The last full weekend of October!



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Sometimes Gracefully

A Kitchen Calendar Case Study

23rd October 2014

Sometimes Gracefully 1 682x1024 A Kitchen Calendar Case Study Sometimes Gracefully 2 682x1024 A Kitchen Calendar Case Study Sometimes Gracefully5 682x1024 A Kitchen Calendar Case Study

Sometimes Gracefully 3 682x1024 A Kitchen Calendar Case Study

Top: similar; Jeans: American Eagle; Boots: Target

It’s no secret that the trees here in Minnesota have been having one amazing fall. Our nearby park has been boasting bright reds, yellows, and browns for weeks now, and I’m hoping that I don’t jinx the beautiful autumn we’ve been having by writing about the beautiful autumn we’ve been having {knock on oak or birch or coniferous}.  Darrin brought home a big bag of Kit-Kat Halloween candy the other day that was promptly emptied and finished yesterday afternoon, and I’ve been eating left over apple pie every day for the past 4 days {…it’s the mooost nutritionally dangerous tiiiiime…of the year…}. It’s been a happy Fall thus far, and with the Halloween candy going on sale in a few weeks {the only Fall sale that REALLY matters}, I’d say things are still looking up!

I bought one of those magnetic, white board calendars to hang on our kitchen fridge the other week. I had a fool-proof plan that included but was not limited to writing, drawing, scribbling our busy schedules on a calendar that was easily accessible to the both of us. Homework was written in purple! Meals were written in blue! Events were written in orange! Unlimited color coding possibilities! The organizational opportunities were endless! It was fool-proof. Until the days on our little dry-erase calendar started filling up and stressing me out. Posting our busy and stressful schedules on our kitchen fridge? The one place in the house that stores the cookie dough and the apple pie?! Not a good idea:

Check the schedule on the fridge. Stress about the schedule on the fridge. Comfort yourself by eating a piece of apple pie. Repeat.

Oh, how psychologists and psychiatrists alike would love to analyze the case study that is my kitchen fridge calendar!

The best laid plans of mice and Gracie.

Darrin, in all his wisdom and practicality, told me that we just should have started a Google calendar. Save some space on the fridge for more family pictures and free magnets that we seem to be consistently collecting. If only he had been with me when I impulsively and optimistically bought the magnet calendar that single-handedly eliminated his chance at a leftover piece of pie.

The drama just never ends around here. icon wink A Kitchen Calendar Case Study

350 A Kitchen Calendar Case Study


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The Art of Autumn Procrastination

21st October 2014

Sometimes Gracefully Ruche 2 682x1024 The Art of Autumn ProcrastinationSometimes Gracefully Ruche 3 682x1024 The Art of Autumn ProcrastinationSometimes Gracefully Ruche 5 1024x682 The Art of Autumn ProcrastinationSometimes Gracefully Ruche 4 682x1024 The Art of Autumn Procrastination

Sometimes Gracefully Ruche 1 682x1024 The Art of Autumn Procrastination

Top: Ruche; Jeans: Forever 21; Boots: Similar

Last Sunday was supposed to be our unofficial day of productivity. We were busy on Saturday enjoying every second of my cousin’s wedding, so we figured that we’d save all of our domestic and academic to-dos for Sunday. The apartment will be vacuumed! The bathroom mirrors will be Windexed! Books will be read! Papers will be edited! Someone will take out the recycling!

We had our arms flexed, our red bandanas wrapped around our heads, and the phrase “We Can Do It!” markered on our foreheads. It was all very “Rosie the Riveter.

But then we discovered The Blacklist over lunch. And all procrastination broke loose. There were good guys. Bad guys. Plot twists. Fast walking. Who-done-its. Crazy people. Secrets. Dysfunctional relationships. Long gazes and stares. Sleek business suits. Clenched fists. So. Much. Drama. And the background music is just so darn intense. My hands were clenched for a socially unacceptable number of hours {Yes, Netflix. We’re still watching The Blacklist. Go judge another family who hates cleaning their apartment}.

 We did eventually decide that we needed a break from The Blacklist {“Too much television will melt your brain, ya hooligans!”…I’ve got an old granny voice in my mind that often threatens me with such scientifically supported statements}, so we took a walk around the nearby park and watched the fall trees glow as the sun set on Minneapolis. Darrin talked about how much he loves our neighborhood,  our little home, and to-do lists that we’re frequently putting off. Today is now Tuesday, and we still need to vacuum and Windex and read. I’m sure we’ll find some way to procrastinate on the autumn to-dos for just a little longer…I mean, this lovely season only lasts for so long, here in Minnesota. It’s sometimes best to just ignore the lists and spend time with the trees. And if we’re not going to figure out the mysteries of The Blacklist, then who will? WHO WILL, I ASK YOU?! icon wink The Art of Autumn Procrastination

Hope you have a relaxing Tuesday!

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Sometimes Gracefully

A Less-Than-Graceful Monday: 4 Ways to Survive Wedding Reception Dancing!

20th October 2014

IMG 8875 1024x1024 A Less Than Graceful Monday: 4 Ways to Survive Wedding Reception Dancing!

 Darrin and I celebrated the wedding nuptials of my sweet cousin over the weekend, and we had such an awesome time catching up with family, eating food that wasn’t cooked in a microwave, and dancing our little hearts out. I’m always thanking the good Lord that Darrin is comfortable twerking it out on the dance floor with me. And by “twerking it,” I most certainly mean something that resembles the exact opposite of that somewhat terrifying Miley Cyrus dance move. We love weddings, and we love dancing. Sure, our go-to moves are often times “the sprinkler” or “the shopping cart,” but, we figure, why not keep a good thing going?

Of course, wedding reception dancing is wrought with embarrassing and less-than-graceful moments. Moments that don’t even include the actual “dancing” itself. So here is my brief little survival guide for you, should you find yourself on the dance floor with images of Gene Kelly and Patrick Swayze literally dancing in your head:

  1. Be sure to give yourself at least one, full arm’s length radius between you and the rest of society: Dancing, if you’re unabashed and out of control like me and Darrin, requires a lot of space so that you can successfully execute the pretend-like-this-is-cool fist pumping, arm swirling, and other strange motions. Making sure that you have at least an arm’s length distance between you and the 65 year old grandma on your left will also ensure that you do not awkwardly brush your hand against her butt in mid-arm swirl. Always a bonus.
  2. Before you decide to rock out to One Direction, be sure to bring an adult friend with you onto the dance floor, or risk jamming to the tween band with a small pack of middle-school girls: I think this one speaks for itself.
  3. Locate all exits and/or balconies before proceeding onto the dance floor: If you’re awesome and unembarrassed dance partner tends to work up a sweat while dancing, knowing where the nearest “cool down” spots are located are a must. As is making the time to actually cool down…your face {that doesn’t want to get sprayed by the sweat beads streaming down your husband’s dance partner’s face} will thank you.
  4. Consider lace carefully: If you can, avoid wearing a particularly lacey dress that will easily find itself attached to your husband’s suit coat button in the middle of the upbeat “Shake It Off” by Miss T-Swift herself. The whole “my-dress-is-awkwardly-caught-on-your-button-please-stop-moving-or-we’ll-be-sure-to-give-this-crowd-a-real-show” sequence really cramps any and all kinds of grooves. Just thought I’d warn ya.

So there you have it. A brief survival guide by yours truly that was may or may not have been based on real life events. Hope you have a great rest of your Monday!

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Weekend Sales!

18th October 2014

350 Weekend Sales!


I’m just going to come out and say it, folks: the holiday season is coming.

{gasps! screams! “oh no you did not!”s!}

 And while I know that some people are very passionate about their “We do not talk about Christmas before Thanksgiving” rule, I thought it might be helpful to prepare for the season in advance by sharing these sweet sales that are happening this weekend. I’ve shared some of my favorite pieces from a few of these stores in the lookbook above, so check them out!

J.Crew Factory – Extra 30% off Clearance | Code: YAY30
Kate Spade - 30% off entire purchase | Code: F14FFUS
Ann Taylor – Extra 50% off Full Price Tops, Accessories, & Shoes | Code: STYLE50
Saks Fifth Avenue – 25% Off  | Code: FRNFAM
Old Navy - 25% Off | Code: TREAT
J.Crew - 30% Off Sweaters & Outerwear | Code: SHOPFALL
Madewell - 30% Off Sale | Code: PICKMEUP
Club Monaco - 25% Off Select Fall Styles | Code: FALLFAVES
Forever 21 - Extra 30% Off Sale | Code: TAKE30
Saks Off Fifth – Extra 40% Off Contemporary | Code: 40FORYOU
Lands End – Extra 30% Off Fall Essentials | Code: LEAF
Gap - Extra 25% Off Entire Purchase | Code: HAPPY

One can never be too prepared for the craziness that is Christmas shopping! icon wink Weekend Sales!

Have a relaxing Saturday!

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