March 3, 2015

No Ordinary Tuesday

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Today’s Tuesday is no ordinary Tuesday, my friends. Today’s Tuesday marks the first Tuesday in a large number of Tuesdays that I’ve been able to see clearly through my glasses. And I mean really clearly. “Crystal clear,” as the saying goes. Somebody find me a magic carpet and a jazz-singing genie because life with my newly cleaned glasses truly is “A Whole New World.” That stubborn layer of filth that I just couldn’t quite clean off each lens is gone! And I owe it all the magical cleaning cloth Darrin brought home from work the other day. I mean TECHNOLOGY THESE DAYS. Twenty-first century WONDERS, you guys.

[hashtag I most definitely should have ordered cleaning cloths months upon months upon months ago…]

In other, probably more important and “newsworthy” news (especially if you just don’t care about the dirty glasses plaguing so many of this world), I recently discovered that I only need ONE (count that, ONE!) more little class before I can start writing my Masters Thesis! Let the high fives, confetti, and celebratory kazoo noises abound! After this spring semester of reading and writing and researching is complete, I’ll be one class away from a full semester of concentrated reading and researching and writing and editing and revising and more reading and researching and editing and revising….


So it might be just a bit more of the same…but hey! At least I’ll be accomplishing it all eyeglass-filth FREE!

[high fives! confetti! celebratory kazoo noises!]

Have a great Tuesday!




March 2, 2015

A Less-Than-Graceful Monday!

Mondays Sometimes Gracefully

Happy Monday! The first Monday of March! One more Monday closer to warmer, sunnier, chirpier Mondays much like this one from Cinderella. Wouldn’t Mondays be so much easier if cute birds and strangely dressed rodents helped you get ready in the morning? Le sigh. It’s just too darn cold to leave my bedroom window open.

As I mentioned last week, Friday night was date night here at the Beekman household. And how was our Netflix marathon, you oh so politely ask? Well my friends, we went OUT on Friday night for our date night! {cue gasps} Yeeeess ma’am! Right on out into society like the rest of America. Even held hands at one point and shared a mushy, lovey-dovey look for all the world to see (or at least just that teenager working as the restaurant’s valet).

So what, you oh so politely ask again, inspired you to leave the comforts of your living room couch and venture out into Minneapolis on a Friday night? Restaurant Week! The most wonderful time of the “Is It Almost Spring Yet?!” season!  Where some of the more expensive restaurants in the city offer a special menu for customers at a reduced price. AKA, a DREAM for graduate student budgets! So we met my sister and her husband at the beautiful Seven Steakhouse Sushi Ultralounge (a must-visit if you’re looking for a place that serves melt-in-your-mouth steak and an amazing selection of wine) and did our best to add a little “fancy” to our Friday night.

We were all there for the reduced menu prices, but we less-than-gracefully attempted to act like “regulars” who were out for yet another fancy-schmancy steak dinner. This, of course, failed miserably. First of all, we were NOT dressed for the occasion. Jeans and a sweater you bought on major sale just doesn’t blend in with a room full of glittering cocktail dresses. We made sure to spend some time mulling over the regularly-priced menu (“I wonder how the duck will be tonight….“), even though we all knew that we were going to order from the discounted options printed on the little menu card in front of us. After I ordered a glass of their cheapest wine, our waitress guessed as much. My jeans might have also given us away. Nevertheless, we did our best to sip our wine with our pinky fingers out and made sure to plough through our basket full of homemade bread in a socially acceptable amount of time. And no one spilled! Which, we concluded, meant that we were too darn fancy for our own good. ;)

How was your weekend? Darrin and I have a few Mountain Dew Kickstarts tucked away in our fridge, so we’ll be ready and energized all week!

Thanks for stopping by!



February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites 3

The weather here in Minneapolis may still be cold and snowy and windy and the absolute worst (hashtag slight exaggeration), but I’m choosing to “Think Spring” anyways. Vibrant flowers, soft pastels, baby bunnies hopping and bouncing over some sort of pasture or meadow….anyone remember when grass was actually green and not this oh so unpleasant shade of yellow/brown? Ahhhh the good ol’ days….

In the meantime, I’ll just shop for pretty pastels and distract myself from the bitterness that can be a Minnesota February.

Tonight, Darrin and I are heading out for Twin Cities Restaurant Week, a fun event where some of the fancy-schmancy  restaurants in St. Paul and Minneapolis lower their fancy-schmancy prices for one week, and the commoners flock to find a table. Bring on the reasonably priced (for at least one night) steak and sushi. Our graduate student budget is READY. ;)

Hope you have a relaxing weekend! You can shop this week’s Friday Favorites below!

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