January 30, 2015

Over On Instagram!

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Happy weekend! My last weekend free from the burdens of graduate academia. I’ve spent the majority of this past week wrapped in a warm blanket, surrounded by used Kleenex, cough drops, and NyQuil. Let’s all take a moment to briefly thank the good Lord for NyQuil, my secret to sleeping successfully with a scratchy throat and runny nose.

(cue angelic “Ahhhs”)

Preparing for the new academic year while your mind is somewhat delusional and your body begs for more sleep is not what I would consider to be another one of life’s “precious moments”…I could sure do away with that “precious moment” I had sneezing everywhere BUT into the tissue I held in my hand. So Darrin and I are leaving our disease-infested apartment and are spending the weekend relaxing in Bayfield, WI!  Who knows if the fresh air and cozy lake shore town will help heal whatever keeps plaguing my throat. I’m simply excited for a mini-vacation with the husband before our lives become much busier. Let’s hope he finds my cough drop breath and red stuffy nose “romantic”…. ;)

Have a great weekend! You can follow our weekend adventures in Bayfield over on Instagram! :)



January 28, 2015

Confusing. And Warm. But Mostly Confusing.

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When you’re able to ditch your hefty winter coat for a few days in the middle of a Midwest January, all the time you’ve spent mentally “gearing up” for the long, dreary winter that usually follows the happy, Christmas kind of winter is completely destroyed. I was ready, friends. After the New Year, I told myself, You can do this. You were born here. You can handle the bitter temperatures and shoe-ruining slush puddles. Sure, the snow may have lost that “holiday excitement,” but you can survive. The cold doesn’t bother Elsa so it darn well won’t bother YOU. But then we have ourselves a sunny, high of 45 degrees kind of day that makes me want to spring clean the apartment, gather a bouquet of nonexistent flowers (thanks, snow), and eat a lot of colorful peeps and jelly beans. Spring in January? What is this?! Where am I? Who are you, warm weather, and what did you do with my Minnesota winter bitterness?!

It’s confusing.

And speaking of confusing, meet the new blog design! New year, new look! One that just felt right, ya know? Felt like it fit. Like the perfect pair of jeans: zips up nicely in the front and hugs tight in all the right places.

Or something like that.

Happy hump day (Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike….)!




January 27, 2015

The Breakfast Club

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Darrin and I are most definitely breakfast people, and our slow start to our spring graduate semesters have been recently accompanied by even slower weekday mornings cooking loaded omelets or egg scrambles — both of which are often paired with hickory smoked bacon. It’s nice marrying a man who knows his way around the breakfast world. I first tasted Darrin’s infamous omelet recipe on Valentine’s Day morning during our sophomore year in college. He worked his breakfast brilliance in the community kitchen of my dorm building, surrounded by grease-stained appliances and crusts of mysterious food stuck to the countertops because cleaning isn’t “cool” in college I guess. Not the most “romantic” of Valentine’s Day settings, but this cute redheaded boy was cooking me breakfast and pouring me a tall glass of orange juice in a pink Valentine’s Day cup, so I chose to ignore the unknown dirty dishes piled high in the sink. Love is blind…or something like that.

I tried imitating Darrin’s egg scrambler on my own the other morning. The result? Brown eggs. Crusty. Almost completely stuck to the pan. So I’m hoping that these slower mornings we’ve been having continue for a looooong time, mornings where Darrin cooks his magical omelets and I watch from my seat at the kitchen table, because brown eggs are just not okay. Yellow and white eggs? Definitely. Green eggs? Sure thing. But brown eggs? No thank you, Sam I am.