Sometimes Gracefully Monday

A Holiday Menu Jungle

22nd December 2014

Sometimes Gracefully Monday

Coat: Columbia

Today’s the day, my friends. The day I venture out into the chaos that is holiday grocery shopping and buy the food that we need for our Christmas Eve Eve dinner. And I’m planning on walking through those automatic doors prepared. My grocery list is made, I’ve pumped coffee into my veins, and I’ve got on a “Let’s Do This!” attitude that even Rosie the Riveter would envy. Oh suuuure, there’ll be time later this week for warm smiles and kind words of thankfulness and gratitude, but let’s be honest. Holiday grocery shopping is no place for Tiny Tim and his cheery optimism.  No, his little crutch would take an accidental slip on that waxed linoleum floor, and the soccer mom standing nearby would reach right over poor Tiny Tim to grab the last can of cream of mushroom soup. Our boy Tim would be unable to maneuver his way through the aisles crowded with abandoned shopping carts, and the glares poor Tim would receive as he fumbled his way through the self-checkout line would snuff out any holiday glow. It’s a holiday menu jungle out there, folks, so grip your grocery lists tightly and, if you’re Tiny Tim, hang on to your crutches.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for this week. Minneapolis really needs to get its winter act together. Yesterday we had rain, my friends. RAIN. And rain just won’t cut it for Christmas in the North. And my sister’s winter wedding is coming up, so if Minnesnowta refuses to live up to its namesake, then you can bet that I’ll be following the bride and groom all day with a snow generator. We want a sparkly snow wedding. Not a be-sure-to-leap-over-that-mucky-rain-puddle wedding. COME ON, MINNESOTA.

Good luck preparing for the holiday!




The Insta-Life on Instagram!

20th December 2014


Happy weekend! Here are few festive photos from the blogstagram to get you in the holiday spirit! I have yet to turn off the lights on our Christmas tree since we decked the halls last month. Have any big plans for next week? The white board calendar that is still (yes…still…remember this post?) hanging on our kitchen fridge is riddled with Christmas week to-dos, so Darebear and I have decided to celebrate our tiny, two-person family Christmas on Christmas Eve Eve. Which is fiiiiine by me. Pass the eggnog! Light the candles! Crank up the Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra! Extending the Christmas celebration week an extra day just extends a whole lot of holiday excitement.

In other news, Operation Knit Your Heart Out is on currently right on track! The yarn has been knitted and pearled and *insert more knitting lingo here*, my fingers have become a bit more flexible then I could have ever imagined, and my eyes miiiight be permanently cross-eyed. But it’s all worth it! All for the DIY Christmas gifts of 2014! This girl is going to be CRAFTY, goll darn it!

Have a great weekend!



Sometimes Gracefully Old Navy

Ol’ Reliable

18th December 2014

Sometimes Gracefully Old Navy 3 Sometimes Gracefully Old Navy 1 Sometimes Gracefully Old Navy 2 Sometimes Gracefully Old Navy

It may have taken me a whole two months, but I finally plugged in that darn vacuum of ours that we intentionally hide in the corner of the bathroom and vacuumed the living room floor. The popcorn kernels peeking out from underneath the couch kept mocking me and my failed domesticity, so it was about time a little house cleaning took place. Of course, after one is finished cleaning and vacuuming and debating about whether or not it’s worth it to scrub down the shower (not worth it FYI), then said cleaner and scrubber-who-refuses-to-scrub deserves to make a major dent in the homemade Chex Mix bag her husband made the night before. Have you ever tried homemade Chex Mix? No? My advice is to try homemade Chex Mix while wearing stretchy pants, sweatpants, no pants, etc. Future You will thank me.

Speaking of homemade food, I’ve been browsing the internet for Christmas dinner recipes. Talk about overwhelming. Once my Pinterest page finally loaded {disconnect…reconnect…disconnect again…you know the drill}, I immediately regretted typing “easy Christmas dinners” in the search bar. So. Many. Recipes. Chicken! Ham! Turkey! Potatoes! Sauces upon sauces upon gravy upon sauces! And we all know that my Christmas meal will look NOTHING like that beautifully garnished Pinterest photo. Can I get an amen? Maybe we’ll just go with tacos. A few tablespoons of Lowry’s seasoning mix along with a bag of already shredded lettuce. The meal I like to call “Ol’ Reliable.”

Speaking of ol’ reliable, you should really head to Old Navy stat and buy this turtleneck sweater if you’re in the market for non-itchy turtleneck sweaters. I’ve officially deemed this Old Navy sweater one of the coziest and softest sweaters that I own. Which means that it’ll probably be worn at least three days in a row before I throw it in the dirty laundry pile. High fives!




Sometimes Gracefully Ruche 3

The “Almost Christmas” Days That Make My Bank Account Cry

17th December 2014

Sometimes Gracefully Ruche 3 Sometimes Gracefully Ruche Sometimes Gracefully Ruche 2 Sometimes Gracefully Ruche 4 Sometimes Gracefully Ruche 1

Heeeeey there! Is it Christmas yet? When you’ve been counting down since mid-July, this goll darn holiday sure seems to take FOR. EH. VER {name that childhood baseball movie!} to arrive. And my bank account can’t handle any more of these “almost Christmas” days. For real, you guys. I can’t stop buying people presents. I’ll be at the local Target {I know…I know…an already dangerous place to be before Christmas}, shopping for a fancy new tube of toothpaste when I’ll spot somebody’s favorite something sitting on the shelves and I’ll think “Ah HA! They’ll love it!” while I’m tossing it into my Target basket. Then my basket becomes a cart and my cart transforms into a loaded, I-can-hardly-maneuver-this-thing-around-corners kind of cart, and soon I’m leaving the store with a trunk full of hopalong boots and a pistol that shoots and dolls that will talk and will go for a walk because Barney and Ben and Janice and Jen won’t get out of my head. Talk about maddening. And my poor bank account stares back at me on his hands and knees crying “WHY ME?! WHY. ME.”

Of course, the one person who’ll come out of this holiday season a true gift-receiving champion is Darrin. I don’t know how he’s done it, but he’s seemed to have placed a gift that I would find “PERFECT FOR HIM!” in almost every place I’ve shopped this year. Does he mentally manipulate the stores I choose to visit before I even know I want to visit them? Does he have a “guy on the inside” who’s making sure that I stumble upon yet another “HE’LL LOVE THIS!” gift as I’m wandering the likes of Old Navy, Target, and, yes, even Amazon? How, Darrin?! HOW?!

He’s brilliant, you guys. No wonder he’s getting his Masters this December. Boy do I need a few tupperwares of holiday cookies to get me through this final week before Christmas. In other news, the Ruche dress I’m wearing in the pictures above may be currently missing from their website, but have no fear! THIS dress is so darn similar I feel like I’m seeing double. And how about that Christmasy red, am I right? Hearts for eyes.

Happy Wednesday!




Lipsticks Sometimes Gracefully 2

Holiday Lipstick: Four Favorites

16th December 2014

Sometimes Gracefully LipsticksSometimes Gracefully Holiday Lipstick

Last week, I sent out invites to my sister’s bachelorette party with a festive caption that read “Rock your favorite lip color!” – which {admittedly by my own doing} gave me the perfect excuse to update my lipstick collection. As if buying a new lip color during the holiday season really “needed” justification {eye roll, am I right?}. I’ll confess to you that lipstick is not my go-to beauty product. I’m usually much more of a mascara girl, but the Christmas season somehow magically transforms me into a lipstick fanatic. Pinks, Reds, Plums…I’m all about a bold lip color when the rest of the city is blanketed with snow. So here are four of my recent favorites!

  1. L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Balm — I’m a major fan of the L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche lipstick line for a more natural holiday color. This particular line from L’Oreal is actually a lip balm, which, in lip color language, roughly translates to “SEE YA NEVER, CHAPPED WINTER LIPS.” Colour Riche in Rose Elixir is my new daytime go-to.
  2. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor —  Blissful Berry from Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor is great shade if you’re looking for something a little different than the usual December Red. Sure, Red may be the season’s most prevalent lipcolor, but I think pops of purpley-pink are making a much needed Christmas party comeback.
  3. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick — Sometimes, you’ve just got to channel your inner Lorde this holiday season and rock a dark shade of lipstick, like Revlon’s Black Cherry. Let’s just say {or sing} you call me Queen G. ;)
  4. Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick — Bold. Red. And Glossy. What more do you need in a holiday lip color? I’m wearing Red Alert in the picture above!

Have any lip color favorites of your own? Hope you have a great rest of your day!