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Happy Happy Thanks {+ Giveaway Winner!}

26th November 2014

Sometimes Gracefully Target 2 682x1024 Happy Happy Thanks {+ Giveaway Winner!} Sometimes Gracefully Target 5 682x1024 Happy Happy Thanks {+ Giveaway Winner!} Sometimes Gracefully Target 4 682x1024 Happy Happy Thanks {+ Giveaway Winner!} Sometimes Gracefully Target 682x1024 Happy Happy Thanks {+ Giveaway Winner!} Sometimes Gracefully Target 3 1024x682 Happy Happy Thanks {+ Giveaway Winner!} Sometimes Gracefully Target 6 682x1024 Happy Happy Thanks {+ Giveaway Winner!}

A merry Thanksgiving Eve to you and yours from me and mine! Darrin and I are currently cruising down the open road to good ol’ Iowa, jamming to our road trip playlist and eating Chex Mix for breakfast {cyber fist bump}. I’m such a fan of road trips. Darrin and I road tripped to Seattle for our honeymoon {26 hours, baby}, and we made sure to stop at some incredibly charming and some incredibly creepy small towns along the way. Darrin usually drives, I usually pretend like I’m helping with the directions, and at some point during the journey we make sure to car dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” because WHY the heck not. That tune is good all. year. round.

I sure hope you have a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! From the bottom of my heart, many many thanks to YOU. To those who consistently follow this dinky little blog, pinning pictures, commenting on posts, connecting via Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Email/Etc. Thank you so much for allowing me to share a little slice of my life with you. I’m darn thankful for the sweet notes and the encouragement and the friends that I’ve met thus far.  So consider the smiley face at the end of this sentence a cyber hug and high five from me to YOU! icon smile Happy Happy Thanks {+ Giveaway Winner!}

Have a great holiday! And congrats to Deb J. for winning the Chloe + Isabel Giveaway! Send me an email at!

P.S. This plaid top from Ruche, am I right?! Hearts for eyes. Also, you can receive 10% off this bag from Mellow World by using code SOMETIMESGRACEFULLY at checkout!

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25th November 2014

Sometimes Gracefully Ruche 5 682x1024 HONK Sometimes Gracefully Ruche 6 682x1024 HONK Sometimes Gracefully Ruche 21 682x1024 HONKSometimes Gracefully Ruche 31 682x1024 HONK

Well hey there, mucky snow. Minneapolis hit a balmy 40 degrees over the weekend, which transformed that pretty snow globe wonderland into a bit of an ominous and foggy wasteland. But look! No coats! It’s a Thanksgiving miracle! This knit sweater from Ruche and my furry Target scarf have lately been all sorts of cozy, and a cozy wife is a happy wife. Obviously that should be embroidered on a pillow.

This strange winter weather that can’t seem to decide if the Twin Cities should be snowy, icy, rainy, foggy, slushy, etc. has once again affected all Minnesota drivers. Tis the season, I guess. The painfully slow commuters inch forward in the right lane with their windshield wipers whipping right and left like it’s hurricane season; the dangerously fast commuters zoom on by like they’re about the lap Jeff Gordon on the NASCAR track. And I’m just casually belting the lyrics to “Let It Go” while trying to safely maneuver my way onto campus. But it has recently come to my attention that winter driving turns me into a crazy person {GASP. Crazier than you already are?! Yes, Darrin. Even crazier icon wink HONK }.  Apparently I cannot control my need to honk at anything and everything that occurs on my commute to school. The car ahead of me waits too long once the red light changes to green: honk. The car ahead of me ignores a yield sign and cuts me off: honk. A group of college boys decide to jaywalk once my light turns green: honk. Somebody steals the parking spot I had been waiting for: honk.

WHAT. IS. MY. DEAL. Soon I’ll be honking my car horn at sweet old ladies crossing the street. Baby ducklings wandering down the road. Hugs. Anything, really.

Boy am I ready for a holiday break.

If you’ve got a sec, be sure to enter the sweet giveaway I’m hosting with my friends over at Chloe + Isabel! Today is the last day to enter! icon smile HONK

Have a great rest of your Tuesday!

Also P.S. You can take 10% off your purchase over at Mellow World using code SOMETIMES GRACEFULLY ! It’s no secret that I’m a major fan of this Julia bag. Be sure to check out their other handbags for the holiday season!

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Sometimes Gracefully Monday

A Less-Than-Graceful Monday!

24th November 2014

IMG 6551 1024x1024 A Less Than Graceful Monday!

We did it! We decked the halls and jingle belled and oh Christmas tree-ed all weekend long while unpacking our Christmas decorations. Even strung a few strands of icicle lights in our apartment windows for an extra dose of holiday cheer. The Rat Pack crooned in the background while we rearranged the living room, packed away our pumpkin candles, and made sure that our tree lights from last year were still working {they weren’t, by the way}. I realize we’re a bit ahead of the Christmas decorating game, but graduate school reading is just so much more enjoyable beneath the twinkling lights of your red and gold Christmas tree. And who wouldn’t want to set out these cute ornament candles from Anthropologie as soon as possible? CAN I GET AN AMEN.

Today marks day one of our short work week! So let’s start this week off with a few embarrassing, less-than-graceful moments, shall we? icon wink A Less Than Graceful Monday!

  1. Darrin and I wasted at least 30 minutes of our lives watching YouTube videos of tiny rodents eating tiny entrées of tiny food. We thought to ourselves, Maybe we should get back to our resear—OH MY GOSH LOOK AT THE CHUBBY GERBILS. Priorities, folks.
  2. Buying a Taco Bell 12 box. For dinner. At 9pm. For two. And finishing that box like it was filled with a socially acceptable number of hard shell tacos for two.
  3. Darrin and I both confessed to each other our love for popping pimples over the weekend. We sure know how to keep the “magic” of marriage alive. Hubba hubba.
  4. Literally jumped with fear after being ambushed by a Bath&Body Works employee asking if I needed help choosing which obnoxiously strong-smelling lotion I wanted to purchase. She just appeared. Like she was living in the walls or something. I regained my composure; she just stared at me; awkwardness ensued.
  5. We really need some Drain-O for our shower. This whole bath/shower confusion is getting out of control. And slippery. And painful. FYI, quickly trying to grab your shower caddy in order to steady your balance mid-fall is not a wise decision.

How about you? Have any less-than-graceful moments of your own?Darebear and I will be heading to Iowa this week for Thanksgiving. Bring on the big skies, beautiful sunsets, cozy mornings, and family card games. Hopefully the rest of your Monday feels a bit more like a Thursday with this short week! Thanks for stopping by! icon smile A Less Than Graceful Monday!

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My New Justification

21st November 2014

Sometimes Gracefully Cape 1 682x1024 My New Justification Sometimes Gracefully Cape 3 1024x682 My New Justification Sometimes Gracefully Cape 1024x682 My New Justification Sometimes Gracefully Cape 2 682x1024 My New Justification Sometimes Gracefully Cape 4 682x1024 My New Justification Sometimes Gracefully Cape 5 682x1024 My New Justification

Meet the second poncho that I own. It’s knitted. It’s warm. And it’s burgundy, which means that I can wear this little number to fashionably conceal the large amounts of food I’m hoping to consume for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Burgundy is just one of those cold weather colors. I’m not entirely sure why I don’t purposefully shop for more knitted ponchos. They’re darn cozy and easy to throw on. The poncho knows how taxing “arm sleeves” can be: one morning they’re inside out; the next morning, they’re twisted. WHO NEEDS SLEEVES? WHO NEEDS THAT HASSLE?! says the poncho. And a part of me responds back, PREACH IT SISTER. We take our warm and hassle-free wardrobe pieces very seriously up here in the North. A top that also functions as a blanket? Sign. Me. Up.

Because I can’t seem to find this darn poncho anywhere online {it’s by YA Los Angeles…} I’ve shared some other sweet and cozy ponchos below! icon smile My New Justification

As our fall semester starts winding down, Darebear and I have been putting in long hours and late nights in front of our computer screens: reading, writing, researching, pretending like browsing Pinterest will further our academic goals. All this snow and Thanksgiving excitement has me convinced that I’ll be able to write my final research papers more effectively while sitting near a sparkling Christmas tree {logical, right?}, so we’re I’m planning on unpacking the holiday decorations and decking our apartment halls this weekend. The twinkly lights have been packaged away in the closet for far too long, my friends. I mean, if I write more effectively sitting next to a decorated tree, holding a cup of hot chocolate in my hands, and listening to holiday tunes sung by Mister Frank Sinatra, why wouldn’t I try to create that healthy learning environment as soon as possible? Education 101, right?

So there you have it: we decorate for Christmas early at the Beekman household for educational purposes! For the sake of research and academic achievement and success!

{…I can already see Darrin shaking his head…}

We’ll see if that justification flies. icon wink My New Justification

Hope you have a great pre-Thanksgiving weekend! Don’t forget to enter my jewelry giveaway here!

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Chloe + Isabel Jewelry GIVEAWAY! {Closed}

19th November 2014

Sometimes Gracefully CandI 682x1024 Chloe + Isabel Jewelry GIVEAWAY! {Closed} Sometimes Gracefully CandI 5 682x1024 Chloe + Isabel Jewelry GIVEAWAY! {Closed} Sometimes Gracefully CandI 4 682x1024 Chloe + Isabel Jewelry GIVEAWAY! {Closed} Sometimes Gracefully CandI 3 682x1024 Chloe + Isabel Jewelry GIVEAWAY! {Closed} Sometimes Gracefully CandI 2 1024x682 Chloe + Isabel Jewelry GIVEAWAY! {Closed} Sometimes Gracefully CandI 1 682x1024 Chloe + Isabel Jewelry GIVEAWAY! {Closed}

Why don’t we do a fun Giveaway on this chilly and snowy Wednesday?! My sweet merchandisers over at Chloe + Isabel are giving away a pair of gorgeous stud earrings and a code for $25 off a jewelry purchase of 75$ or more to a Sometimes Gracefully reader! Talk about a rockin’ Wednesday! I’ve gushed before about how much I love the jewelry over at Chloe + Isabel. The C + I bracelet that I’m wearing in the photos above is most definitely one of my favorite accessories. All of C+I’s jewelry is high quality, hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and lead safe. So we’ve got our sensitive skin bases covered. icon wink Chloe + Isabel Jewelry GIVEAWAY! {Closed} Some of their earrings and necklaces would make great holiday gifts {like this one, and this one, and this one, and this one…}! I’m currently hosting my own Pop-Up Shop for the month of November, so if your hoping to get a jump start on your holiday shopping, be sure to check out my shop and tell them at checkout that Sometimes Gracefully sent ya! icon smile Chloe + Isabel Jewelry GIVEAWAY! {Closed}

You can enter the Giveaway via the Rafflecopter below! Winner will be announced next Wednesday, Nov. 26th! So be sure to check back!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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**You should also know that this Pop-Up shop of mine is a “hostess shop,” which means that I may earn a number of “hostess credits” depending on my number of sales. If this were to happen, I will happily host another giveaway that features a beautiful piece of jewelry from Chloe + Isabel! Three cheers for giveaways! icon smile Chloe + Isabel Jewelry GIVEAWAY! {Closed} **