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Music, Movies, and Meeting “The Neighbors”

29th July 2014

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If you’re sitting on our little red, living room sofa and staring out the window facing a gravel bike path, a dog park, and the Mississippi, you’re bound to spot a huge brown bundle of sticks and twigs and leaves tucked in the trees that lean right over the waters. It’s no secret that Darrin and I pride ourselves in our quiet nights together, and last week we spent a quiet night at the park outside our apartment complex. The parks of Minneapolis host “Music and Movies in the Park” on different nights throughout the summer, so Darrin and I somewhat irresponsibly abandoned all of our deadlines and to-dos for a night beneath the skyline and a summer sunset. Irresponsible, sure, but necessary. We made sure to visit our eagle family who decided just last year to build their home right outside our living room window. We’ll hear the baby eagles squawk and squeal from time to time…sometimes even watch them explore the branches outside their nest. Darrin spotted this guy before I did, and he quickly snatched the camera from my hands so he could snap a few photos before the bird took off. So, photo credit: Darebear. I understand that our eagle pal is looking a little small in these pictures, so I promise that we’ll bring out the big lens for our next photo-op with our feathered friends. If you look close enough, you’ll see that the eagle’s mouth is actually wide open in the picture below! But still, for a guy who hardly contributes to anything involving social media, Darrin was sure excited to share these eagle photos with ya. I’m sure there’ll be more to come. icon wink Music, Movies, and Meeting The Neighbors

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After our short visit with our “neighbors,” we parked our blanket on an open patch of grass, shared a few fish tacos, and listened to a local band play music and sell their stickers and CDs. Apparently “Music and Movies in the Park” draws a crowd of all sorts: interpretive dancers, hula-hoopers, large families, small families, baton twirlers, artists, bikers, couples, grandparents, puppies, etc. One group of high school girls opened their neon backpacks to let their turtles wander on the grass. To each his own, I guess! The hubby and I sat pretty quietly on our blanket, eating our tacos, watching the mini-vignettes around us, and sharing a few “I know you’re thinking exactly what I’m thinking” kind of smiles. The little things are not to be underestimated. Once the sun set and Beetlejuice began haunting the blow-up screen, we decided that it was just a little too early to be thinking about Halloween, so we wandered down the street to Tugg’s Tavern for a few drinks and burgers along the river.

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Can you believe that this week is the last week in July? This summer has been good to us. I’ll be sad to see it go. But Darrin is already planning dates for this fall’s football/basketball/soccer games, and I can’t help but dream a little about Minneapolis in autumn! icon smile Music, Movies, and Meeting The Neighbors

Hope you have a great day!

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Sometimes Gracefully Monday

A Less-Than-Graceful Monday!

28th July 2014

0372 948x1024 A Less Than Graceful Monday!

Happy Monday! Darrin and I spent our weekend enjoying some of the Aquatennial festivities happening over here in Minneapolis. We wined and dined downtown, saw an awesome fireworks show over the Mississippi, and watched a little bit of the 5k Torchlight Run on our walk along Main Street. At one point we did find ourselves stuck in a huge crowd of sweaty Torchlight runners who were enjoying their complimentary popsicles in the park outside our apartment. I’m not entirely sure how we managed to get lost in the crowd, but there was a lot of people, a lot of sweat, and a lot of neon running tights. Darrin and I maneuvered our way out of the crowd and back to our complex without getting hit by a sweaty arm or a melting popsicle to the face, so I’d call that a major success. The Beekmans of Minneapolis are all about avoiding large and sweaty crowds.

But anyways, here are a few dorky stories from my past week!

  1. I pulled a muscle in both of my shoulders carrying my groceries up to my apartment. Apparently I should have stretched after that “workout.” We’ll just add this one to the “Reasons Why Grace Should Do More Push-Ups” list.
  2. Darrin and I cleaned up real nice for our date night downtown over the weekend. He wore a nice button-up shirt; I chose to sport my favorite pair of heels. And our date night was going great! Until we actually left our tiny apartment and I tripped down the stairs of our apartment complex. Did I decide to go back upstairs and exchange my favorite pair of heels for my safer pair of flats? No way, my friends. This girl is all about taking risks. Living life “on the edge.” Even if that means holding my breath and slowly taking every step on the staircase two feet at a time. Hashtag Perseverance.
  3. I ran to Target by myself the other day and spent an obnoxiously long amount of time smelling each candle in the candle section. And when I say “obnoxiously long amount of time,” I mean that I was in that section long enough for the frozen pizza in my basket to thaw. You may have distracted me this time, Target…but I’m on to you…
  4. Has anyone ever experienced a time when you nervously thought someone was following you while you were shopping at Target so you went into your “superhero/spy mode” and ducked into random aisles and behind large shelves to try and “lose them”…only to find out that they actually work at Target {don’t know how I missed the whole “work uniform” thing} and were trying to return the Chapstick that you didn’t know you dropped back on other side of the store? Anyone? …Anyone? …Bueller?

Hopefully your weekend was relaxing! We’ve got lots of reading and research to accomplish tonight before we take off for Grand Marais, MN on Thursday…which is “housewife code” for We’re having Hot Pockets for dinner.

No complaints here! icon wink A Less Than Graceful Monday!

Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!

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Sometimes Gracefully Weekend

Over On Instagram!

25th July 2014

Weekend17 1024x1024 Over On Instagram!

 Evenings and early mornings in Minneapolis have been pretty awesome lately. There have been so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the Mississippi that I thought I’d share a few of the images I snapped over on Instagram. The city of Minneapolis has been busy this week celebrating the 75th Aquatennial, and Darrin and I have wandered around our neighborhood enjoying the parades, local bands, movies in the park, and happy hour specials. I love people watching and checking out the local festivals, and Darrin loves that we don’t have to worry about downtown parking. It’s a win-win. There’s going to be a huge fireworks extravaganza over the Mississippi tomorrow night, so I’m thinking that my redheaded hubby and I will push our evening walk back to around 10pm or so. icon smile Over On Instagram!

This week is also Restaurant Week in the Twin Cities, which means that many of the metro’s more expensive restaurants offer their lunch/dinner prices at a reduced rate. Darrin and I have reservations tonight at the UNION Rooftop downtown, and I’m so excited for a fancy dinner beneath the city’s nighttime skyline. I’ll can tell ya one thing, there will be wine. icon wink Over On Instagram!

Have a great weekend!

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Glam Doll

Meet: Glam Doll Donuts

24th July 2014

002 801x1024 Meet: Glam Doll Donuts 0051 1024x682 Meet: Glam Doll Donuts 008 1024x682 Meet: Glam Doll Donuts 065 869x1024 Meet: Glam Doll Donuts 045 768x1024 Meet: Glam Doll Donuts 007 1024x682 Meet: Glam Doll Donuts 067 1024x768 Meet: Glam Doll Donuts

Meet Glam Doll Donuts, where retro-chic married rock n’ roll for the love of all things fluffy and jelly-filled. Darrin and I stopped by Glam Doll the other day for an early morning breakfast date. We walked up to the neon display window and could not decide which type of donuts we wanted. There were so many unique flavors and designs! There’s the Bombshell donut {spiced Mexican chocolate and cayenne pecans}, the Femme Fatale {fresh raspberry curd filling and vanilla icing}, the Calendar Girl {salted caramel and chocolate}, the Showgirl {maple icing with bacon}!

Let’s just pause and appreciate the names of these donut flavors.

{insert clapping hands emoji}

Rock on Glam Doll. Each distinct flavor is crafted 100% from scratch, and you can enjoy your fluffy bites of donut heaven while listening to Led Zeppelin jam in the background. Darrin ended up trying the Showgirl donut because, well, BACON. And I had to try the Calendar Girl because, well, SALTED CARAMEL. I mean DUH.

And they were both so good. The caramel sauce that topped my chocolate donut seeped into the fluffy middle, which was just the right kind of “donut surprise” this caramel-loving girl needed for an awesome morning. And Darrin had both bacon and a donut combined into one breakfast, so he was a happy camper.

If you’re in Minneapolis and you’ve got a free morning, head on over to Glam Doll for a donut or seven. I already know that I’ll be ordering the Cosmopolitan Girl at our next visit because, well, PEANUT BUTTER AND CHOCOLATE.


And now. I call this series of images “Gracie eats her caramely, chocolaty donut while Darrin documents the delicate process on the iPhone.”

Glam Doll 1024x1024 Meet: Glam Doll Donuts Glam Doll2 1024x512 Meet: Glam Doll Donuts

We’ll be back, Glam Doll! Thanks for the rockin’ atmosphere and two amazing donuts!

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Sometimes Gracefully

The Tee-Shirt With Attitude

23rd July 2014

087 682x1024 The Tee Shirt With Attitude 093 682x1024 The Tee Shirt With Attitude 092 682x1024 The Tee Shirt With Attitude 0942 682x1024 The Tee Shirt With Attitude 109 738x1024 The Tee Shirt With Attitude

We’re all about “the basics” over here at Sometimes Gracefully. Blue jeans and a comfy tee-shirt kind of basic. Old Navy has an awesome collection of soft and breezy tee-shirts for the summer, and this “Paris” tee was impossible to pass up. Can tee-shirts have attitudes? I feel like this tee-shirt has a too-cool-for-school, lean against a brick wall like James Dean, raise one eyebrow with a serious face and say “Duh. Paris.” kind of attitude.

Maybe it’s the bold print? The simple detail?

It’s basic. It’s Paris. It’s duh.

Speaking of attitudes, Darrin and I got to play with a five month old baby the other day who had the cutest amount of baby pudge and the giggliest little attitude. He’d roll on his back and giggle. Bounce in his bouncer and giggle. Spit up on his dad and giggle. He had a little bit of trouble interpreting Darrin’s bright red hair…he’d stare at me {and giggle}, then stare at Darrin and raise one questioning eyebrow. He just didn’t know what to do with it. And I was melting. I had my “Ohmygosh Darrin can we get one pleaseohpleaseohplease?!” face on. Whenever Darrin sees that face, he just shakes his head at me and smiles. I’ll be honest. Pudgy, giggling babies that make inquisitive faces at Darrin are my weakness, you guys. The kind of weakness that would get me “to talk” if I was a cartoon spy being tortured by an evil villain. “You leave us no choice, Gracie…Henchman! Bring out the cute and pudgy baby!”


Well, I suppose that when you start imagining yourself in cartoon situations it’s probably best to end your blog post. Here’s the moral: Basics and babies are the best.

Three cheers for alliteration.

Have a great Wednesday! More awesome tees from Old Navy below!

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