Sweatshirt: J. Crew; Jeans: American Eagle; Shoes: Converse at DSW; Bobbi Pin: Ban.do

Back To That Martha Stewart Glow

16th September 2014

Sometimes Gracefully Bando 682x1024 Back To That Martha Stewart Glow Sometimes Gracefully Bando 1 682x1024 Back To That Martha Stewart Glow Sometimes Gracefully Bando 3 682x1024 Back To That Martha Stewart Glow Sometimes Gracefully Bando 2 682x1024 Back To That Martha Stewart Glow Sometimes Gracefully Bando 4 682x1024 Back To That Martha Stewart Glow

Sometimes Gracefully Bando 5 759x1024 Back To That Martha Stewart Glow

Sweatshirt: J. Crew; Jeans: American Eagle; Shoes: Converse at DSW; Bobbi Pin: ban.do

Darrin and I were incredibly diligent meal planners during the first few months of our marriage. We had brand new cookbooks, an apartment kitchen to utilize, and the best, lovey-dovey, newlywed attitudes about the whole idea of eating and cooking together. Everything in the kitchen had what I like to call the “Martha Stewart Magazine” glow: our meals were planned, our appliances were cute, and even cooking toast together was an occasion to celebrate.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Darebear and I still love cooking together after 2 + years of marriage {I know. Still sort of newlyweds. But we’re newlyweds with experience icon wink Back To That Martha Stewart Glow }. Darrin blasts Iggy Azalea {yesyoureadthatcorrectly} from his computer while I chop vegetables and he, wearing my Anthropologie apron, cooks the meat {Anthropologie looks good on everybody, folks}. We still browse our cookbooks and utilize the tiny space our apartment complex likes to call “a kitchen” and adopt a lovey-dovey attitude. Lately, however, we’ve been lacking in the “meal planning” department. Our schedules have been strange, graduate school has been stressful, and we {most of the time} just forget to plan out the meals we’d like to make together. And you know how stressful grocery shopping can be when you don’t know what you need to buy. There’s a whole lot of standing in front of the avocados or bananas section, debating about whether or not you’ll need avocados for dinner this week because, well, the last two you bought turned brown and mushy in two days and we just can’t have that mess happening again.

So. Meal planning. One of those mundane, boring goals that “married people” get super excited about achieving. But hey! We like our little “mundane” married life. So, Darrin and I are getting organized and resourceful with our meals, and I’m confident that somewhere in this great wide world, Martha Stewart is smiling and giving me a “Rock on, girl!” fist pump.

Right back at ya, Martha Stewart.

Do you guys schedule your meals for the week? Praise the Lord it’s now seasonally acceptable to bring out the ol’ crock pot! I’m ready for a whole lot of stew and “throw whatever we’ve got into the pot” recipes!

Also, this sweet “Merci” sweatshirt from J. Crew is super on sale! Happy happy Tuesday! icon smile Back To That Martha Stewart Glow

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Less-Than-Graceful Monday

A Less-Than-Graceful Monday!

15th September 2014

Caribou 927x1024 A Less Than Graceful Monday!

Last Monday I told you all about this sweet handbag giveaway that I’m hosting for the month of September {be sure to enter! In a number of ways!}, this Monday is a bit less exciting. But I’ve got a few less-than-graceful moments to share with ya, so hopefully laughing at my dorkiness can brighten any dreariness that tends to accompany the typical “Monday blues.” icon wink A Less Than Graceful Monday!

Darrin and I had such an awesome weekend relaxing with family and enjoying autumn in Minneapolis. Temperatures reached a crisp high of 65, with a whole lot of sunshine and “maybe I’ll bring my jacket” moments. We were spoiled with homemade stew, trips to Chipotle {plural!}, apple strudel waffles, and pumpkin flavored drinks {I promise our lives don’t revolve around food…although, that list does appear to prove otherwise…}.

Good food + Time with family + Beautiful weather = An Abandoned To-Do List.

If there was a “The Weather Is Just Too Beautiful To Focus On 18th Century Literature” emoji, I’d insert that little smiley face riiiiight here.


So. I’ve got myself a busy week ahead! In the meantime, here are just a few less-than-graceful moments from the past week!

  1. I was jogging the other morning, enjoying the sunrise along the Mississippi, when the largest and hairiest bug flew straight into the back of throat. My eyes started watering, my arms started flapping in the most embarrassing manner, and I started coughing and hacking and {basically} squawking to get the bug out of my esophagus. I’ll bet you can imagine the kinds of faces and looks I received from other walkers and joggers just passing me by. LIKE THEY’VE NEVER SWALLOWED A MONSTER WITH SIX LEGS BEFORE. I mean, COME ON.
  2. You those awkward “I think that person waved to me so I’ll wave back but oh shoot they were definitely not waving to me they were just readjusting their earbud” moments? They’re even more awkward while you’re jogging…and when you {out of breath} creepily whisper {WHY DID I WHISPER} “Hello” in response to their non-wave….UGH.
  3. I had one of those strange encounters at the outlet mall over the weekend, where you’re facing an individual and trying to “move around” them, but they move in the same direction that you move, which then causes an awkward “Oh! Ha. Excuse me.” conversation while you’re both staring at your shoes, trying to determine if you should side-step to the left or to the right….only my encounter ended with me colliding with the soccer mom on an apparent mission to get to the fitting rooms. Sorry lady. I could have sworn you were side-stepping to the left…
  4. A blue-jay bullied me out of my car yesterday. I was grabbing my purse out of the backseat when I felt an acorn hit me in my back. I stood up, and another acorn hit me right in the face. Whatever I did to the animal kingdom to deserve choking on bugs and being pelted with acorns, I sincerely apologize.

 How was your weekend? I hope you have a great Monday!

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Lately On Instagram

12th September 2014

Weekend23 1024x1024 Lately On Instagram

After a busy week of research, presentations, work, and the like, I had every intention of staying up late last night to get a jump start on the new set of “to-dos” scheduled for this weekend. Darrin had made coffee, I had found a pen in the mess of my office desk that actually worked, and I was feeling ready to conquer the messages riddled within my 18th century novels. But my apparent motivation disappeared once I made myself comfortable on our living room couch. Staying awake can be rough when you’re cozy, ya know? I was asleep and drooling on my pajama sleeve by 8:00pm.  Me and all the elementary schoolers across America.

Let’s hope that my nights this weekend last just a bit longer {cue face palm}.

I hope you have a productive weekend! You can find Sometimes Gracefully on Instagram here! There’s nothing quite like life documented through an Instagram filter. icon wink Lately On Instagram

Thanks for stopping by!

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Sometimes Gracefully JCrew 1

This Was Supposed To Be About Fall

11th September 2014

Sometimes Gracefully JCrew 1 682x1024 This Was Supposed To Be About Fall Sometimes Gracefully JCrew 9 1024x682 This Was Supposed To Be About Fall Sometimes Gracefully JCrew 5 682x1024 This Was Supposed To Be About Fall Sometimes Gracefully JCrew 7 1024x682 This Was Supposed To Be About Fall

It’s here, my friends. Fall has officially arrived in Minneapolis, and I’ve been welcoming the season with open arms, pumpkin candles {see here}, and autumn decor. I’ve got a soft spot for the fall, what with all the colors and spices and layers and pies and bonfires and every other stereotype associated with this time of year. Darrin is great and everything {understatement of the year}, but I think a part of me married him solely because his hair is essentially “fall” all year round {get a load of those luscious locks here}. Brilliant, I know. There aren’t too many redheads in this world that have a hair color as rich as Darebear’s, and the unusually large number of old ladies that have stalked us around the grocery store can testify to that. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times we’ve paused in the cereal aisle, trying to decide between Cheerios or Lucky Charms {Lucky Charms DUH}, and have noticed an old Betty watching us nearby. We’ll move ourselves and our cart to the next aisle and BAM. There she is again. Clutching her little purse close to her sweater and watching us. She’ll catch our eyes, shuffle her little body up to Darrin, and say, “Do you know that you have such a brilliant shade of red hair? I’ve been staring at it this whole time!”


Darrin is always very sweet and courteous, usually responding with a smile and a “Yeah, that’s what people tell me.” I usually stand a little closer to Darrin, grab his arm, and give the woman a “back-off-Betty-he’s-mine” stink-eye….

Just kidding.

But seriously.

What was this post supposed to be about again?

Sometimes Gracefully JCrew 10 682x1024 This Was Supposed To Be About Fall Sometimes Gracefully JCrew 6 682x1024 This Was Supposed To Be About Fall Sometimes Gracefully JCrew 4 682x1024 This Was Supposed To Be About Fall Sometimes Gracefully JCrew 3 682x1024 This Was Supposed To Be About Fall

Sometimes Gracefully JCrew 8 682x1024 This Was Supposed To Be About Fall

Sweater: J. Crew Factory; Jeans: GAP; Heels: Soda {old; but aren’t these cute?!}; Bag: Mellow World

Fall. Right. I’ll try to stay “on track” for ya {pun most definitely and very consciously intended}.

Fall is sweater season, so I picked up this fun, color block sweater from the J. Crew Factory store over Labor Day weekend. I’d try to describe to you how soft this sweater feels, most likely using fluffy cloud and fuzzy, baby animal imagery, but I just don’t think my descriptions will do it justice. You might have to pick one up {on sale!} and feel the coziness for yourself.

If you haven’t already, you can win the awesome handbag that is featured in the pictures above by entering my Mellow World giveaway! There are a number of simple ways that you can enter, so be sure to check the Rafflecopter here! Mellow World is currently having an awesome handbag sale this month {free gift with your purchase of $75 or more!}, so be sure to use the promo code MW10SGCEF for 10% off your purchase! Discounts, you guys. I’m hear for ya. icon smile This Was Supposed To Be About Fall

Have a great Thursday!

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**Prayers go out to all who were affected by the tragedy that occurred on this day in American history.**

Sometimes Gracefully Ruche Top 2

The Stroller Section

9th September 2014

Sometimes Gracefully Ruche Top 3 682x1024 The Stroller Section Sometimes Gracefully Ruche Top 2 682x1024 The Stroller Section Sometimes Gracefully Ruche Top 4 682x1024 The Stroller Section

Sometimes Gracefully Ruche Top 682x1024 The Stroller Section

Top: Ruche; Jeans: American Eagle; Boots: Bare Traps at DSW

Darrin announced over the weekend that he had put his birthday present “on hold” at the local REI for us to pick up that evening. His birthday is definitely next month, but we’re all about couching our purchases in “birthday language” so to alleviate any guilt we may be feeling while splurging. My birthday may have been last week, but I may or may not have already started a small shopping cart of pretty tops from Ruche {shop the fun one I’m wearing here!} that might become “early birthday presents” to myself in the near future. icon wink The Stroller Section But anyways, this time it was Darrin’s turn to celebrate his birthday early, so we drove to REI to purchase what my poor commuter husband has been craving all summer long: bike bags.

We learned over the summer that biking somewhat long distances while wearing a heavy backpack and your nice JCPenny work polo is just the worst. We’re talking major back sweat, people. The summer sun combined with heavy textbooks and a cardio workout will do that to ya. So Darrin said enough back sweat when he arrived at work in the morning was enough, and he ordered a set of fancy, everything-proof bike bags to sit on his back wheels. We drove to REI, walked through the front doors, and I was immediately overtaken with a desire to climb a mountain, wear a Northface jacket, and eat a Cliff Bar all at the same time. Oddly enough, Darrin and I waited in the baby stroller section of the store while the line at the register began to dwindle. Darrin pointed out a jogging stroller that was priced at a whopping $500.00 {WHAT} and then asked if this would be the stroller I’d use while jogging around Minneapolis with our future pudgy babies. I pushed the stroller around for a little bit to, you know, gain a sense of the weight and the size before I responded to his question. I was in the middle of popping a “stroller wheeley” {like any responsible adult would do while testing a baby stroller} when a manager came up to us and asked with a very concerned why-is-this-future-mother-popping-wheelies-with-our-strollers-in-the-middle-of-our-store face, “Do you guys need any help?”

No. No we’re good. Thanks. And no. I’m not pregnant. We don’t often hang out in the stroller section so we aren’t exactly clear on the “stroller protocol”…

I’m responsible I promise.

Talk. About. Awkward.

When the time comes, I think Darrin and I will have to take our stroller business elsewhere. icon razz The Stroller Section

On that random note {sooo typical of this dinky blog icon wink The Stroller Section }, have a great day!

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