A Parisian Less-Than-Graceful Monday!

096 1024x682 A Parisian Less Than Graceful Monday!

Happy Monday from me to you! Did you have a marvelous Easter? Eat a whole row of Peeps and a few chocolate bunnies? There’s nothing like celebrating the Resurrection than with a few large bags of Jelly Beans and Reese’s Peanut Buttercup Eggs. icon wink A Parisian Less Than Graceful Monday!

But in all seriousness, I do love Easter and the hope that it brings. We had such a fun holiday, and I hope your Sunday was warm and bright and hopeful as well. icon smile A Parisian Less Than Graceful Monday!

Darebear and I are back from our adventure to Paris, so I thought I’d share a few “less-than-graceful” stories that occurred across the Atlantic! You’d think that my trip to Paris would have enhanced or encouraged a more socially acceptable and/or “elegant” individual, right? Right! Right….

  1. That chocolate éclair that I’m cramming into my mouth in the picture above {It was so good, you guys. Definitely a “cram-it-into-your-mouth-and-don’t-look-back” kind of dessert} was purchased by me speaking only in French! I was so darn excited about my first, “legit” {whatever that means in this context…} French conversation and pastry purchase that I dropped every piece of change I had in my wallet {both European and American} all over the floor. I let out a Charlie Brown “Ugh!” {which doesn’t translate very well into French} and proceeded to crouch around the bakery, picking up my dimes and euros…….however, I did leave with a chocolate éclair. And that’s all that matters.
  2. Speaking of French pastries, I may or may not have eaten 7 different French pastries in one sitting. This American girl is all about her “portion sizes”…
  3. If sweating, panting, and leg rubbing is “cool” these days, then I looked “real cool” climbing the incredibly steep and lengthy steps up to the Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur. Boy do I need to start running hills or something…or maybe just start running in general…
  4. Because I’m apparently incapable of correctly holding onto a metal bar or railing, I almost fell over at least twice whenever the Paris metro train jerked into motion. But I almost took down the person standing next to me only once, so that’s gotta be a silver lining.
  5. That awkward moment when you exit a fancy restaurant bathroom in Paris and a nearby French waiter  stops you, asks you if you washed your hands, and then proceeds to put your wet hands on his face….sure, we both had a good, awkward laugh afterwards, but now I’m questioning what kind of “vibe” I give off…insert squiggley mouthed smiley face.

I can’t wait to share more pictures from our trip with you this week! The weather was beautiful, the company was marvelous, and the city was so fun to explore! Hope you have wonderful Monday! Thanks for stopping by! icon smile A Parisian Less Than Graceful Monday!

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We’re Back!

Paris 1024x1024 Were Back!

Happy Friday! It’s Friday, right? All of my days are so mixed up! After 5 days of traveling, six flights (including 2 nine hour plane rides), and a whole lot of time zone changes, Darrin and I are back home in good ol’ Minneapolis. We’re a bit jet-lagged, but I’m so thankful for the short time we had together in Paris and the exciting work we did with Rosetta Stone! We met the beautiful Delaine (who is doing some amazing things in the slums of India), learned some Swedish from the camera men, and saw so many beautiful landmarks!  Next week, I’ll share our entire slew of photos and a few funny stories and memories! But for now, here are some shots from my phone and Instagram! Paris is such a beautiful place!

I hope your week have been going well! I have to admit that I’ve missed visiting this little blog of mine. Wifi was so difficult to find throughout the city, and Darrin and I do not have the budget for extra data roaming charges! So I’m sorry for the brief hiatus! Happy to be back! icon smile Were Back!

Hope you have a great rest of your day!

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Swedes in Minneapolis. Americans in Paris.

20140412 081906 Swedes in Minneapolis. Americans in Paris.

Hey there, friends! It’s been one crazy and busy and exhausting week! I started the filming process here in Minneapolis with Rosetta Stone, and today we’re jetting off to Paris for some more filming, exploring, and practicing French! What a whirlwind! I can’t wait to share the final product with you all. I’ve been playing tour guide this week, showing the film crew {most of them are from beautiful Sweden!} all of the “hot spots” around Minneapolis. We’ve been across the Stone Arch Bridge, wandered the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, had a rooftop dinner at Crave downtown, visited the big public library, and had a bajillion a few cups of coffee from the local cafes! It’s been so much fun exploring a familiar city with tourist eyes! You’ve got to try it sometime. Knowing the history of the place you call home can be so fascinating!

I hope you’ve been having a great week! You can follow my little adventure to Paris on Instagram during the next few days! I can’t wait to share this experience with you all. Its been so darn fun working with Rosetta Stone and using their software. If you’re looking for a little challenge or a change of pace from your regular “hobbies” or activities, I so recommend investing in a Rosetta Stone language. What a great way to expand your horizons, right?!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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Bonjour, Paris!

il 570xN.554933103 298z Bonjour, Paris!

il 570xN.554932555 jk1p Bonjour, Paris!

Exciting news! Over the past few months, I’ve been working my friends over at Rosetta Stone on a fun project featuring their software {that I love…}, and this weekend we’re heading to Paris to finish the work we’ve been doing! Darrin and I have been working like academic machines this week, trying to accomplish everything we need to before we jet off this Saturday! So I apologize for being somewhat M.I.A over here on the blog. If you’d like to write my seminar and conference papers for me this week, as well as sift through periodicals and do research on the Victorian era in England,  just shoot me an email. icon wink Bonjour, Paris!

This will be my first trip to Europe and my first trip across the ocean, so I’m just one big bundle of excitement. Ever since this post, I’ve been using Rosetta Stone to help teach myself French, and I’ve been so enjoying the humbling challenge of learning another language. I can’t wait to “test my skills” over in France this weekend! I also give the entire French nation complete permission to roll their eyes over my American accent and laugh at any of my mispronunciations. Learning a second language is tough. Especially when there are vowel sounds in that new language that don’t even exist in your native language {thanks, English… icon wink Bonjour, Paris! }. But those differences and nuances between the two languages make the learning experience that much more interesting and stimulating. Let’s all learn a new language this summer, shall we?

My blog posts for the next week might be a bit scarce, so I’m apologizing to you in advance! But you can follow my Parisian adventure over on my Instagram and Twitter! Can’t wait to share more pictures and tell you about the trip! icon smile Bonjour, Paris!

Also, aren’t those prints from The Paris Print Shop so darling and creative? Love it!

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Snow Much Denial

043 1024x768 Snow Much Denial

Happy weekend! As I write this little blog post, Minneapolis is being covered with inches upon inches of fluffy wet snow, and I’m just trying to pretend that it’s not actually happening {as my punny blog post title implies icon wink Snow Much Denial }. I’m happy resting in the denial stage. Of course, I’ll be sure to move on from this stage before I have to decide what kind of shoes I should where to the grocery store this afternoon…but until then, I’ll sit at my computer, eat my Easter jelly beans, and pretend the view from my window does not look like the setting to It’s a Wonderful Life.

What are your weekend plans? Like I’ve mentioned before, Darrin and I are trying to work as diligently as we possibly can on our papers this weekend. We lead such romantic and adventurous lives. From his desk, Darrin will turn in his office chair to look at me and ask, gazing with those dreamy green eyes, “Is the wifi working on your computer?” And I’ll turn to him, bat my eyelashes and respond, “Yes, darling. Your computer isn’t connected?”. This is the extent of the “sweet nothings” that we share…which, after typing them out, read a bit more like just plain “nothings.” But, in the wise words of Darrin’s Grandpa, “so it goes.” We’ve got a lot of traveling to do over the next couple of weeks {more news on that soon!}, so we’re trying to get ahead of those darn things called deadlines. One thing’s for sure: this weekend will be productive. That productivity may take the form of completing a research paper….or it may look a little bit like finishing another season of Cheers on Netflix. We’ll see. icon wink Snow Much Denial

I hope your weekend is relaxing! And warm!

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