April 17, 2015

No, Elderly Ladies, I Wasn’t Hitting On You

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Tee: Old Navy; Skirt: J. Crew Factory; Shoes: Converse

Tee: Old Navy; Skirt: J. Crew Factory; Shoes: Converse

Beautiful weather, most of the time, puts people in beautiful moods, and I decided to take my beautiful mood to the grocery store the other day. When the weather makes you feel optimistic about long checkout lines, heavy grocery carts, and crying babies, you’ve got to ride that optimism for as long as you can. I probably looked like a total goober pushing around my grocery cart with a smile on my face. I was wearing shorts, you guys. SHORTS. REAL SHORTS. And not even feeling the least bit cold about it. I was smiling in the fruit section, smiling down the medicine aisle, smiling while mentally debating which brand of toilet paper was the best brand of toilet paper (I went with Charmin, if you must know). It was all very “sunshine and rainbows” at the grocery store because SHORTS people. 70 DEGREE WEATHER.

At one point, I parked my shopping cart next to two old ladies in the toothpaste aisle and overheard them talking about their ages. “I’ll be 89 next month,” one said. “Well I hit 90 3 months ago!” replied the other. They kept staring at me, probably because I was smiling like an idiot at my toothpaste selection (we’re big fans of Crest 3D White), but the stares were intense, so I thought I’d join their conversation and offer them a positive compliment. Why not? Right?

“You’re both looking good!”



Nothing. No response. For at least 30 incredibly loooooong seconds. The two women just stared at me. Then the one in the floral sweater (IT’S 70 DEGREES OUTSIDE, LADY!) finally responded with “Oh. Uh. Thanks” before returning back to her (I guess) private conversation.

I let out a weird laugh, pushed my cart as quickly as I could into the next aisle, and tried to avoid them as best as I possibly could in a tiny grocery store.

Apparently the beautiful weather does not bring out the “friendly” in everybody.

Noted, grocery store ladies.

In better and less awkward news, this skirt, my favorite flare skirt from J. Crew Factory, is on major sale this weekend. A major, under-forty-dollars-and-it-comes-in-a-cute-papaya-hue kind of sale. Check it out, friends!




April 15, 2015


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Top: Similar; Necklace: Similar; Skirt: Ruche; Sandals: Lulu's

Top: Similar; Necklace: Similar; Skirt: Ruche; Sandals: Lulu’s

I married into a family that celebrates half-birthdays. Or “Birts,” as they’re so often called. There’s half-birthday donuts in the morning, half-birthday cake in the evening, and the “Happy Birt” song which is sung whenever you feel the half-birthday spirit move. I, being new to these half-birthday celebrations, never imagined how awesome half-birthdays could be. Why not celebrate half-birthdays, am I right? Who am I to question another great excuse to eat cake and celebrate the ones you love? I’m sure we all could use a little celebration half-way through another year of life. Or even a third of the way through…or a fourth of the way through…or maybe we should just eat cake and celebrate every day, hmm?

I’ll leave that decision up to you.

Of course, the irony of this whole half-birthday situation is the fact that I, who married into a family of half-birthday rowdies, don’t actually have a half-birthday. August 31st lacks its February 31st counterpart, so I’m a half-birthday nomad. Wandering through each month without a half-birthday home. THE AGONY. Darrin once told me that we could celebrate my half-birthday on Leap Year every 4 years. Then he laughed. And thus, the agony continues.

Today, however, is Darrin’s half-birthday, and we’ll be celebrating with cake tonight. Cookies and Cream cake, to be exact. I forgot to buy candles yesterday, so I told Darrin that I’ll just create a flame with our lighter and he’ll have to pretend (E for Effort and an A for “Almost Nailed It”).

Speaking of arbitrary letter grades, I give this midi-skirt from Ruche a J for “Just What I Needed On This Beautiful But Incredibly Windy Day.” You can shop it below!




April 14, 2015

Sunshine and Discounts

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Sweatshirt: Similar; Jeans: LOFT; Heels: Lulu's; Handbag: c/o Mellow World

Sweatshirt: Similar; Jeans: LOFT; Heels: Lulu’s; Handbag: c/o Mellow World

I did everything in my power yesterday to stay on task and create lesson plans and outline my list of to-dos for the week. I closed the windows so I couldn’t hear the chirping birds; I shut the blinds so I could imagine cold and rainy weather outside; and I even turned on Pandora’s classical music station, because someone somewhere did some study which proved that classical music makes some people smarter,  or something like that. Everything was going wonderfully, until I started roasting like a rotisserie on my living room couch. That darned sunshine can really heat up a tiny apartment. So I opened ALL of the windows, heard the birds chirping above the river, and suddenly found myself lacing up an old pair of tennis shoes and shutting off my laptop. The rest of my afternoon was spent walking along the Mississippi River, enjoying this weird thing called “green grass” that I completely forgot about and trying to treat my pasty-white legs to a little sunshine.

So to all of you who have every intention of staying on task and keeping your nose to the grindstone during these spring afternoons, WATCH OUT: that spring sunshine has other plans, and he’ll be sure to strike when you least expect it.

In other spring news, this pretty bucket bag from Mellow World is currently one of my new favorite spring accessories. I carry everything I need for class (and for life, let’s be honest) in this fancy handbag, and I love (love!) the little hints of teal. I think we all could use just a bit more teal in our lives, am I right? Right.

My friends over at Mellow World are currently offering Sometimes Gracefully readers 10% off their handbag purchase! So head on over to their website and use promo code SOMETIMESGRACEFULLY when you checkout! Sunshine and discounts?! YES. PLEASE.